Why you should visit London Road in Alderley Edge

London Road, Alderley Edge

London Road, Alderley Edge - Credit: Archant

It’s arguably the most iconic stretch of pavement in all of Cheshire, but what’s it really like to be a local on ‘The Strip’?

Nermina Pieters-Mekic (c) Will Roberts

Nermina Pieters-Mekic (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

Nermina Pieters-Mekic, model and singer

I'm part of the TV show The Real Housewives of Cheshire and married to footballer, Erik Pieters so I can be recognised, but I don't mind that around here because it's such a safe place. Today, I'm with my mum - we're in charge of a dog each [Simba and Blue] - and we always come here when she visits. Some people think The Strip is a bubble but it's not. There are upmarket shops, of course, but I can buy real groceries here too - everyday stuff like cheese, meat and cakes from independent retailers. Not every high street offers that.

Nicky Moreton (c) Will Roberts

Nicky Moreton (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

Nicky Moreton, owner, fashion boutique Tuula

I've lived in the village all my life and although it has a glamorous image, to me, it's simply home and so friendly . Recently, I had some work done on my house and people were popping into the shop just to ask how it was going. How sweet is that? It went well by the way and I'm starting on the shop shortly. I like to keep it fresh because local ladies want to come to a real shop, not a virtual one - I've even reduced the website offering as a result of the locals' preference to come into the store.

Natasha Oates (c) Will Roberts

Natasha Oates (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

Natasha Oates, florist, The Potting Shed

Most mornings, I deliver flowers to businesses on The Strip, some in glass vases, so you might spot me walking very carefully, while waving 'good morning'. It's a skill but makes me feel part of the community. I love being a florist here because I can be creative. I was once even asked to deck the coffin of an allotment owner with masses of vegetables. Where else but The Strip?!

Giuseppe Pinto (c) Will Roberts

Giuseppe Pinto (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

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Giuseppe Pinto, GM, Piccolino restaurant

I never thought anywhere could compare with my home in Puglia but that was before I came to London Road. Naturally, The Strip attracts celebrities to eat but there's always a great mix of people, so it's never boring and keeps me smiling. Unlike Puglia, The Strip may not have beaches nearby but, you know, its friendly and stylish and that more than compensates.

Bulent Yetis (c) Will Roberts

Bulent Yetis (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

Bulent Yetis, owner, Pascha Gentlemen's' Grooming

Here the chaps take their grooming as seriously as the ladies. I style hair, manicure, pedicure, massage, give facials and wax all those awkward areas. A bonus is that clients tell me the local news; it keeps me at the heart of it all. Of course, this being The Strip, I do have some well known clients. I can't say who though because what goes on in the grooming parlour, stays in the grooming parlour.

Katrina Baron (c) Will Roberts

Katrina Baron (c) Will Roberts - Credit: Archant

Katrina Baron, full-time mum

I like doing a spot of window shopping, maybe grabbing a bit of lunch and, with two children, London Road is one of my favourite places to do it - it's really safe, really family friendly. People always make time to smile and say hello to the kids and that's important to me because I feel welcome, that I'm not in the way, which you can often do when you're out with small children. Nobody is snapping at the wheels of the pram even when we dawdle - which we often do.

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