Pirates Of Penzance at Haven Theatre


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COS Musical Theatre Presents ‘Pirates Of Penzance’ at Haven Centre, Crawley Down – 28–30 May.

COS Pirates are getting ready to come ashore and invade Crawley Down Village! COS Musical Theatre are extremely excited to be venturing into new territory with a change of venue for them, performing at the Haven Centre, Crawley Down. This is the first time COS has done a major show outside of Crawley. “We thought it was time that we looked at other ways of reaching new audiences and hopefully new members”, said Chair of the company Jo Tuck.

Pirates of Penzance is classic Gilbert and Sullivan at their very best, a comical operetta that will have audiences roaring with laughter. COS have assembled a great cast, with a band of sentimental, tender-hearted pirates lead by the hilarious swashbuckling Pirate King. Along with them is the “Very Model of a Modern Major-General” and his young innocent daughters. Pirates tells the story of the noble but slightly dim Frederic, who was mistakenly apprenticed by his slightly deaf nursery maid to the notorious (and broke) Pirates of Penzance who can’t make crime pay. They are all orphans and therefore cannot bring themselves to rob other orphans; strangely enough, every ship they capture is manned entirely by orphans. Frederic leaves the pirates on his 21st birthday, his sense of duty making him determined to expose their wickedness to the local police. But on the way, Frederic sees the lovely daughters of a local Major General and falls madly in love with beautiful Mabel. But can true love survive the complications of a leap year birthday, a deceitful Major General, a vengeful Pirate King, a rejected Piratical Maid of All Work and policemen who make Inspector Clouseau seem like Sherlock Holmes? A Farce ensues telling this delightfully funny tale, along with wonderful songs and classic lyrics, boasting one of the most famous patter songs in musical theatre history.

The COS cast have been working hard for the past 5 months on this show, not only rehearsing on stage frolics, but behind the scenes too. They have welcomed some new members for the production, one being David James, who says: “I have sung the show a few times as a part of a choir but I think every man or boy longs to be a pirate and every girl or women secretly loves a pirate, this production ticks all the boxes.”



• Venue: Haven Centre, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, RH10 4LJ

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• Thursday 28th May - to Saturday 30th May - 7.30pm, Saturday Matinee 2.30pm.

• Adult £13.00, Concession £11.00, Child £9.00

• Tickets from - www.ticketsource.co.uk/cosmusicaltheatre




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