The changing face of Sussex construction

A beautiful Nutshell restoration project

A beautiful Nutshell restoration project - Credit: Archant

The word ‘construction’ often reminds us of ideas of industrial scale developments and complicated, large structures like bridges and skyscrapers. To most, then, the philosophy and work of the Sussex based company Nutshell Construction will come as a surprise.

Nutshell in action

Nutshell in action - Credit: Archant

Shunning this impersonal and industrial image, Nutshell nurture their reputation as a local business run by a family with rich Sussex heritage. This is apparent not only in their commitment to using locally sourced materials but also in their constant involvement in the Sussex area and community; as sponsors of the Brighton Festival and other local events Nutshell support other local businesses and craftspeople like themselves.

Building on this, Nutshell’s ethos is entirely customer driven. Creating a solid relationship between the company and the client is something that Nutshell prides itself on.

Another way in which Nutshell is vastly different from the connotations attached to construction is in the way they work. Nutshell adopt an expert artisan approach specialising in bespoke projects for each client. This results in a much more pleasant experience. Instead of a bleak and bland manufacturing process, each Nutshell project is highly tailored, resulting in beautiful pieces of carefully handled craftsmanship rather than a standard, run of the mill extension, building or restoration.

Nutshell has an ability to capture the spirit of Sussex and to realise the ideas of their clients. This is evident in their diverse range of projects to date; from restorations of residential properties, to large modern extensions, to work on National Trust estates such as Knole Park in Kent, Nutshell have more than proved their expertise and professionalism as well as their versatility.

Particularly in restoration projects, Nutshell’s vast wealth of knowledge and artisanal skill shines through. The high standard of their work is achieved through familiarity with and sympathy towards historical structures, materials and methods of construction. The end result is always an elegant reconstruction of the structure that is sensitive to its unique style and historical features.

Nutshell’s absolute professionalism and friendly personality is perfectly captured in the name. Because of these traits, any project undertaken by them is simple, ‘in a nutshell’ as the saying goes. Gone are the days of industrial, impersonal and complex construction; Nutshell, as the new face of Sussex construction is friendly and accessible and values quality craftsmanship and client relations above all else.

Nutshell always welcome conversations with potential clients so if you’d like to discuss a project, call them on 01903 217900 or email them at

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