Wells Cathedral has been ranked as the UK's most photographed building at night, according to new research.

The metadata for more than 10 million photos on Flickr was analysed by BuildWorld to identify the famous buildings with the highest percentage of pictures tagged "night."

They ranked 6,000 of the world's most iconic buildings using the number of tagged photos per 1,000 photos of that building on the site.

Individual lists were created for the world, North America, the UK, Europe and Asia, with Wells Catherdal topping the UK one.

UK's top 10 most photographed buildings at night

According to the research from BuildWorld, the most photographed buildings at night in the UK are:

1. Wells Cathedral - 142 of every 1,000 photos is at night

2. Big Ben - 138 per 1,000

3. Royal Albert Hall - 126 per 1,000

4. St Paul's Cathedral - 109 per 1,000

5. Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool - 100 per 1,000

6. Royal Pavilion - 88 per 1,000

7. The Shard - 85 per 1,000

8. King's College Chapel - 78 per 1,000

9. The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, Gateshead - 77 per 1,000

10. Shakespeare's Globe - 74 per 1,000

Discussing the research BuildWorld said: "Most of the UK's night-time superstars were originally built centuries ago. They have taken on new nocturnal life as electric up-lighting highlights the detail of their gothic, baroque or Victorian styles.

"In fact, the oldest UK building to make the top ten is also the UK's most photographed at night overall. Construction of Wells Cathedral in Somerset began in 1175, and the cathedral remains surrounded by countryside today so that its sheer floodlit front stands in timeless repose against the endless night sky."

According to the Wells Cathedral website, Bishop Reginald de Bohun brought the idea of a revolutionary architectural style from France, and Wells was the first English cathedral to be built entirely in this new Gothic style.

It adds: "The first building phase took about eighty years, building from east to west, culminating in the magnificent West Front.

"About 300 of its original medieval statues remain: a glorious theatrical stone backdrop for feast day processions."

Alongside this, the cathedral has a splendid feature in The Jesse Window which is an example of a 14th century stained glass window in Europe.