Lancing Prep at Worthing pupil is making history


- Credit: Archant

Keen historian and academic scholar Alex was entered for the prestigious annual Townsend-Warner History Prize competition and made the cut for the second stage of the competition.

The prize itself has a long history in the prep school world, having been established over 130 years ago. The first stage of the competition was entered by over 1,000 pupils nationwide and comprises 100 brief questions with a strong emphasis on British history. Alex was ranked 51st in the top 250 entries which takes him through to the second stage of the competition where he will choose essay style questions that will be marked according to his knowledge, analytical skill and historical imagination.

Head Heather Beeby is delighted that a Lancing Prep at Worthing pupil has done so well to reach the second half of the competition: “We aim to nurture a love of learning in all our pupils and this is just one example of how our vibrant school community is enriched by activities beyond the classroom. We are so proud of Alex and wish him the best of luck with the competition.”

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