Meet Ollie, the philanthropic 9-year-old

Ollie "Onion"

Ollie "Onion" - Credit: Archant

The Amazing Ollie Onion on the challenges he and his Dad have done to raise money for ellenor’s Children’s Hospice Care at home

Tell us a bit about you

My name is Oliver Chamberlain and I’m nine years old. I got my nickname ‘Ollie Onion’ as I have a habit of making people laugh so much they cry! My mum is called Sasha and my dad is called Danny. I have two sisters, Jessica, 14 and Saffron, seven. I live in Knatts Valley and go to West Kingsdown School.

How did you get involved with ellenor?

I was five years old when I did my first challenge for ellenor. My Dad had always raised money for them by doing challenges and my Nan has worked at one of the hospice shops for over 20 years. We have lost a lot of friends and family to cancer and I wanted to join my Dad in doing challenges to help those who need ellenor.

My first adventure for ellenor was in 2013. I was five and I cycled from Holme Fen to Ben Nevis and then climbed Ben Nevis.

I wanted to do more adventures for ellenor. They are fun and exciting and I want to be able to raise money to help those who need it and inspire others to maybe have a go at their own challenges.

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Tell us about some of the challenges

The scariest challenge I did for ellenor was probably the first one, as it was very windy and difficult and I didn’t want to fail or let anyone down.

The challenge I enjoyed the most was in 2014 when my Dad and I rowed 165 miles down the Thames in an 100-year-old Canadian canoe, as I met lots of lovely people and saw lots of wildlife. But it is very hard to have a favourite as I loved all of them. Last year, Dad and I cycled 800 miles on a tandem from Edinburgh to London, taking in Belfast, Dublin and Cardiff along the way – and all in just 10 days!

This year’s challenge has made me feel the most proud, though, as I cycled solo and climbed Rosendale Chimney. It’s also been the first one Little Ellie (the ellenor official mascot) has been on with me and I think Ellie enjoyed it!

How do you train?

I train with my Dad and sisters cycling different routes and also swimming in the sea.

What challenges lie ahead?

Our challenge for 2017 is to cycle 1,000 miles from Botany Bay to Cape Wrath.

Do you have time for any hobbies?

I belong to Kemsing Boxing Club, West Kingsdown Racers football club and West Kingsdown Cub pack. I like making dens, exploring and doing lots of outdoor things and I also enjoy fishing with my Grandad ‘Nin.’

Where do you enjoy visiting in Kent?

I like going to Canterbury and St Mary’s Bay, Dymchurch. I also really enjoy going to Cornwall and Scotland. I like going to all different places where I can have an adventure.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I would like to be in the RAF or be an explorer.

What’s your favourite …

Food: burger, chips and chocolate cake

Film: Into the Blue (all about sharks and treasure hunting)

Book: I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916, by Lauren Tarshis

Are you a Bright Young Thing?

We are looking for talented young people in Kent under the age of 25. To apply, please email: with brief details, where you live and your daytime telephone number.

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