Shebbear College sixth form heated debate

Sixth form debate

Sixth form debate - Credit: Archant

On Wednesday 12th February, Shebbear College Sixth Formers had a lively debate on a theme entitled ‘a woman’s lot is harder than a man’s’

The Fifth Form also attended as part of their Sixth Form experience week, and the packed assembly hall audience provided a very thought-provoking discussion. With natural dividing lines, many in the audience had preconceived ideas that those debating aimed to challenge, and if unsuccessful, at least appeal to their sense of humour. Human physiology featured strongly for both sides and some interesting points were made, ranging from childbirth to kidney stones and life expectancy.

The boys (arguing for men) cited a recent American scientific study to firmly establish that ‘Man ‘Flu’ is indeed a reality, to the sharp intake of breath (and possibly scoffing) from some members of the audience.

In the end, the boys were triumphant, with their humorous and well considered argument. However, the girls debated well and also made some excellent points (not always addressed by the boys), particularly when broadening the debate to areas of the world beyond the myopic UK-centric focus that pervaded much of the debate.

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