5 most common concerns people have when getting a divorce

Advice about divorce from Benuss and Co specialist divorce lawyers in Birmingham

Speaking with a specialist divorce solicitor can help you understand your options, put your mind at ease and decide if divorce is the right thing for you. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Deciding to divorce is a big decision, and unsurprisingly, you may have a few questions about what it will mean for your family, your future, and your finances.

We sit down with Helen Benussi, director at Benussi & Co, family law and divorce solicitors in Birmingham, specialising in high net worth matters, to address five of the most common concerns individuals have when considering a divorce or separation. 

1. The cost of getting a divorce

"This is usually one of the first questions clients ask us when meeting with one of our solicitors, and it's like asking how long is a piece of string," Helen says. "In the first meeting with us, we will take information about the assets of the marriage."

"Throughout the years, using our experience, we have produced a guide which gives us an idea of costs based on the amount of assets people have and whether their divorce is standard, complex or difficult."

"We also always provide a costs estimate prior to carrying out any work so clients can see in advance what it will cost them."

2. Am I going to lose my finances and assets? 

Dividing matrimonial assets legal advice from Benussi and Co divorce solicitors in Birmingham

Benussi & Co are experienced at handling high net worth divorces and will advise you how best to divide the assets with the interests of your family in mind. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“If you have children under the age of 18, this will affect how your matrimonial assets are divided,” Helen says.

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“If you own a property or business, have a large estate, an inheritance or overseas assets, our specialist solicitors will advise you how much of this you can expect to have to forego as part of the divorce."

Benussi & Co is experienced in resolving disputes and handling all aspects of family law. They can negotiate arrangements for spousal and child maintenance and will consider joint assets of the marriage, with a view to reaching a settlement that is within the best interests of you and your family.

3. I’m not sure if I should move out of my home while filing for divorce

This can be a tough decision to make, and ultimately will depend on how comfortable and safe you feel at home.

“If you have children, you could consider alternating which parent lives at the family home each week. Rotating childcare can help to provide security, especially for young kids,” Helen advises. “If your home is large enough, you could divide the house into separate areas.”

Whatever decision you make, it’s essential you keep communication open with the other parent, and seeking the help of a solicitor can help you achieve this.

4. I’m worried I won’t be allowed to see my children

Parents should try to agree on childcare arrangements, ensuring that they each spend time with the children. If for any reason you’re not able to come to an agreement, then you should seek professional legal advice as soon as possible.

“We can help you remain objective and ease tensions to ensure children spend a fair and adequate amount of time with each parent,” Helen says.

There are ways to reach agreements on child access without going to court.

Childcare arrangement legal advice from Benussi and Co specialist divorce solicitors in Birmingham

Specialist divorce solicitors can help you remain objective and minimise the impact that separation can have on your family. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. I don’t know if divorce is the right thing for me

“Divorce is never a straightforward decision, which is why seeking advice from a specialist family law solicitor can help you make an informed decision," Helen says.   

“We know the journey you’re about to take is daunting which is why we’ll be there every step of the way to provide guidance and reassurance."

Benussi & Co work as a team, ensuring that there is always someone on the team to pick up your call and answer your question.  They have specialised in family and divorce matters for over 40 years and are recognised as a top tier firm by the Legal 500.

Benussi & Co are the only single practice specialist family law firm based in Birmingham to be ranked by Legal 500.

“Each client has several members of our team working on their case at any one time. By taking a collaborative approach and sharing our knowledge, we’re able to help you get the best results," Helen says.

“It’s important that our clients know they will never be alone and that we are here to help them take the next step in their life."

If you need help with your divorce or separation, visit benussilaw.co.uk to find out more.