Fashion tips for stylish Kentish ladies

Bluewater personal stylist Beth Dadswell on why investing in your wardrobe is one of the best investments you'll ever make

Fashion tips for stylish Kentish ladies

Bluewater personal stylist Beth Dadswell on why investing in your wardrobe is one of the best investments you’ll ever make

What inspired you to become a stylist?

I was always really interested in art and photography as a teenager, as well as   fashion, and knew that I wanted to be involved in creating beautiful images. I wasn't really aware of the role of a stylist until I did work experience on the fashion desk at The Independent while studying for my fashion degree, then suddenly everything fell into place. I ended up working there for almost a decade!

How does one develop style?

Style isn't really about fashion or catwalk trends, it is a much more personal thing. The most stylish women always have the confidence to dress differently from the masses and to follow their own instincts. You need to feel comfortable in your choices to have effortless style, and sometimes all it takes is to be brave enough to try something new.

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Is a stylist an extravagance?

The way that you look has a huge impact on your confidence, and if you feel good then you will look good, and vice versa. A good personal stylist will show you how to emphasise your best points and disguise your worst, which can knock years off in an instant. Looking and feeling good is an investment in yourself, not an extravagance.

Why is it so important to dress stylishly?

Stylish people always get noticed, and you only have one chance to make a first impression so don't ever save clothes for 'best'. Clothes are a really easy way to change your mood, so use them to your advantage and don't be afraid to experiment.

Beth’s top five tips for Spring

1 Get the basics right first then everything will become much clearer. Invest in a great spring jacket, a flattering summer dress, a leg-lengthening pair of jeans and a gorgeous pair of sandals, then add  new pieces as the season progresses. Keep away from expensive 'occasionwear' that’s redundant for 51 weeks of the year and concentrate on the core pieces that get worn every day. A personal styling session is the perfect opportunity to get advice for your ideal capsule wardrobe for the season.

2 Try on some new trousers this spring. If you are tall, try high-waisted, wide-leg trousers in a dark colour, and if you are shorter, chuck out those dated boot-cut jeans and experiment with skinnies instead. Anyone can wear them - you just need to remember to cover your bottom and wear the right kind of shoes/boots with them.

3 Update your footwear. Tatty, smelly shoes never look good and should be thrown out. There is so much choice on the high street now that there are no excuses! Choose a pair of flat tan leather sandals or colourful wedges for the summer, and remember to tidy up your feet too!

4 Invest in white. Throw out all of your tired, greying T-shirts and shirts (not to mention underwear) and spend an afternoon restocking your wardrobe. White can be a very flattering colour to wear near your face as it really illuminates your skin, but only bright white will do the trick, so bin the rest.

5 Try on something new. If you always go for black (and always feel drab) try on something colourful. Start with a scarf or an accessory then build up to a top or a jacket. Force yourself to pick out something that you would never normally choose and see how it makes you feel. Colour blocking is a big trend this season so it’s now or never!