WELCOME TO THE SOMERSET LIFE DEBATE!<br/>This forum welcomes the views and comments of Somerset Life forum members on a wide range of topics. Do you live in a haunted house or have a fascinating family history? Do you have...


This forum welcomes the views and comments of Somerset Life forum members on a wide range of topics. Do you live in a haunted house or have a fascinating family history? Do you have something to say about rural issues in Somerset or have views on protecting our natural environment? Would you like to share your recipes using local Somerset produce or post a question about local gardens or wildlife for other members to answer or discuss? Perhaps you would like to try your hand at a book review or tell members about your interior design successes or disasters.Have you enjoyed a Somerset Life walk or did you get lost? Maybe you have your own special walk you would like to share?


First time user, you are welcome and will find friends here.So cast caution to the winds and have a go today! Just click on Forum at the top left of this page and then click the Join button.

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