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It's time you gave your body a lift. Nutritional Therapist Susie Perry offers six new supplements...

It's time you gave your body a lift. Nutritional Therapist Susie Perry offers six new supplements...Acai berriesThese little Brazilian powerhouses burst onto the scene recently causing a media flurry. Early studies show Acai berries may play a role in the prevention of certain cancers. These small violet berries are one of the highest fruit sources of antioxidants, which gives them their immune boosting properties. A popular snack with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Sting and Andre Agassi, as they are packed full of fibre and protein. For maximum benefits opt for the juice. Go to to find your nearest stockist.

Goji berries Goji berries are the snack du jour of Liz Hurley, Kate Moss and Madonna. But does this add to their credibility? These definitely get the thumbs up from vegetarians and vegans since they are rich in essential amino acids, proteins that are normally found in meat and other animal products. Native to the Himalayas in central Asia, these berries are traditionally used to increase life span and quality of life. Goji berries aren't just great for non-meat eaters; these berries star as good all rounders. They can help to top up on iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins B1, B2 & B6 help with the immune system. Grab a handful alongside some mixed nuts to make a tasty snack, or add to your porridge or muesli in the morning. Available from Rude Health.

Oligopin Extracted from pine trees in a maritime pine park found in of South West France, Oligopin has been shown to help the heart and circulatory system. This supplement works by protecting good cholesterol, medically known as LDL's, from damage. This specific type of pine extract boosts the actions and lifespan of anti-oxidants like vitamins E & C which protect cholesterol and other fats from damage whilst traveling through the blood. This means you are less likely to get sticky blood and clogged up arteries. So once again, the body benefits. Available from Biocare.AstazanthinsIf you want luscious looking skin, astazanthin is for you. The traditional skin saving anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E & C are slowly being eclipsed by new discoveries, especially this one from exotic Hawaii. It has been found to be 500 times more effective than vitamin E, giving your immune system a real work out. Astazanthin helps destroy free radicals that encourage lines and wrinkles and early studies show it can also prevent sun damage. Its anti-inflammatory powers are also good news if you suffer with sensitive skin. Available in the diet through pink fish, such as salmon and trout but to really see the difference, a supplement may be a better idea. Reliable brands include Higher Nature.

HoodiaJudging a book by its cover is never a good idea. This is certainly the case where the Hoodia cactus is concerned. Underneath its prickly and unappealing skin, lies a real discovery. Used traditionally by tribes in Southern Africa who use this plant to suppress their appetite before embarking on long journeys where food where food is scarce. Here's the science - hoodia contains a molecule called 'p57' which literally tricks the brain into believing there is tons of free sugar circulating in the blood. The knock on effect is a smaller appetite and fewer cravings.

Matcha TeaThe health benefits of teas seem to be growing every day and this new kid on the block is no exception. Originating in Japan, Matcha is a powdered form of green tea made from young buds that are protected from sunlight. These buds are steamed, allowed to dry naturally and ground using a hand mill. When leaves rather than powder are used to make Green Tea much of the goodness is lost. Matcha tea is full of health boosting properties from high levels of polyphenols, anti-oxidants shown to slow down the growth of human cancer cells, especially in the lung and breast. Matcha tea is available from Whittard's of Chelsea.

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