The fiendishly difficult art of dog photography

Nellie the Bulldog

Nellie the Bulldog - Credit:

Colin Crowdey, the man behind the lens at The Gloucester Dog Photographer, tells us not to be too hard on ourselves if we can’t capture the perfect pet portrait... there’s a definite art to it 

Do you find it difficult to capture amazing images of your dogs; images that truly capture your best friend’s unique personality and playful traits?  

Does your dog immediately run and hide when you get out your mobile phone to take a picture of her looking sooooo cute, or does she become selectively deaf when you try and grab her attention to look straight at camera? 

Or maybe you have a dog with the most amazing fur coat, but the fur is black and all the pictures you take fail to capture the gloss and texture of the fur, and she looks like a black blob in a coal cellar with two eyes? 

If any of this sounds familiar; don’t worry, it’s really not your fault. It takes years of experience to be able to capture truly heart-bursting pictures of your fur babies. 

Based in Gloucester, near Robinswood Country Park, Colin Crowdey’s – ‘The Gloucester Dog Photographer’ – studio opened its doors more than six years ago, and now photographs around 500 dogs a year, plus the occasional cat or parrot!  

‘Each and every session has its own challenges,’ says Colin, ‘whether it be a tiny Chihuahua that is very nervous, or a large family group that includes cats/dogs and a parrot, Colin always endeavours to make a connection with your pet. 

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‘There is a phrase you will hear a lot when you gcome to us: “it’s all about the dog”. Everything we do – from the second you go into the studio to the moment you leave – is all centred around making your dog feel safe calm at ease and loved. 

‘We won’t even pick up a camera for the first 15 minutes, as we take time and effort to not only get to know your dog, but to get them feeling so comfortable in the studio that they are able to be themselves and be relaxed and happy. And a relaxed and happy dog make for fantastic pictures.’ 

The studio has won numerous national awards with their dog photography and Colin is also an internationally published author with his book Under Dogs. Visit

Barney the Basset Hound

Barney the Basset Hound - Credit:

Maggie the Dalmatian

Maggie the Dalmatian - Credit:

Hamish the Border Terrier puppy

Hamish the Border Terrier puppy - Credit:

Bobbie and Bernie the Dachshunds

Bobbie and Bernie the Dachshunds - Credit:

Bertie the Miniature Schnauzer

Bertie the Miniature Schnauzer - Credit:

Coco, Dingo and Louis the Chihuahuas

Coco, Dingo and Louis the Chihuahuas - Credit:

Flynn the Irish Setter

Flynn the Irish Setter - Credit:

Buddy the Rottweiler

Buddy the Rottweiler - Credit:

Daisy the Jackapoo

Daisy the Jackapoo - Credit:

Hank the Old Tyme Bulldog

Hank the Old Tyme Bulldog - Credit:

Bess and Fizz the Black Labradors

Bess and Fizz the Black Labradors - Credit:

Lady the Cocker Spaniel

Lady the Cocker Spaniel - Credit:

Oreo the Cocker Spaniel

Oreo the Cocker Spaniel - Credit:

Nellie the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Nellie the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer - Credit:

Six-week-old Pyrenean Sheepdog puppies with mum

Six-week-old Pyrenean Sheepdog puppies with mum - Credit:

Hope the Afghan Hound

Hope the Afghan Hound - Credit:

Bella the Whippet

Bella the Whippet - Credit:

Narla and Santos the Border Collie pups

Narla and Santos the Border Collie pups - Credit: