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Sussex Life's own personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read brings you news, tips and a round-up of events to keep you on the road to fitness the whole year through...

Sussex Life's own personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read brings you news, tips and a round-up of events to keep you on the road to fitness the whole year through...Make that changeThe word obese seems to crop up almost daily in the news these days and Britain is officially the fattest nation in Europe with 23% of the adult population classed as obese.The reason is obvious: we eat too much. But the danger is that the bigger we become the less energy we have to exercise and so the vicious circle begins.It's time to change, from being the fattest nation to the fittest. With a few simple alterations it's possible to reduce our waistlines and improve the quality of our life and health.Step 1: Make it a rule to drink one bottle of water a day. Become your own connoisseur, there are so many brands on the market so find one that's right for you whether still or sparkling. Whilst you sip away think of all the benefits you're getting from this drink. It will give you better skin, makes you more alert, suppresses your appetite and increases your energy.Step 2: Change your dinner plate. So many plates are bigger than they need to be, which often encourages us to fill them and hence gives us bigger portions. So downsize and use your side plate.Step 3: The five-minute rule. If you get tempted to have a chocolate bar or high-calorie stodgy pudding after dinner, allow five minutes before you indulge, as often the craving will pass. Then you will be full of self righteousness, instead of calories! Step 4: As exercise is essential for weight loss and health visit, a new way of having your own personal trainer via your computer at a fraction of the cost. Clients can loose on average around 3lbs per week. In just four easy steps it will help you make a permanent change to your health.Exercise of the monthWonder waist

What it does: This tones deep into your abdominals and waist muscles, giving you an hourglass shape.

What to do...

1 Lying on your side on a mat or towel, ensure your body is in a straight line and that your toes are pointing forwards. Have your hand in front for balance.

2 Simply pull in your abdominal muscles and lift both legs about six inches off the floor, focusing on lifting from the waist, hold, then slowly lower.Impatient for resultsQ I want to lose a stone in weight, how soon can I expect to see results and how long will it take?A If you exercise at least three times a week, after three weeks you should notice a huge difference as you should drop a dress size. My clients lose between 2 - 3lb per week, which is the only amount you should lose on a weekly basis to guarantee you don't then pile it all back on again and more. The great thing with exercise is that after each session you will feel energised and glowing, so if you eat sensibly and train properly you could lose a stone within five weeks.

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