9 life-changing health and wellbeing benefits of soaking in a hot tub

Child splashing in a Jacuzzi® hot tub from Hydrolife Hot Tubs in Exeter

Disconnecting from technology and relaxing in the hot tub allows you and the kids to spend quality time together. - Credit: Hydrolife Hot Tubs

If you ever needed a reason to treat yourself, it turns out that hot tubs are amazing for your mental and physical health.

Besides providing a private place for you to relax and escape, hot tubs and swim spas can help to prevent illness and improve your fitness.

Below, Steve Whalley, director of Hydrolife Hot Tubs’ soon to open showroom in Exeter reveals what else they can do for your wellbeing.

1. Reduce stress

One thing most people know about hot tubs is that they are perfect for relaxation. The warmth of the water and massaging jet streams are a great way to forget your troubles.

Jacuzzi® hot tub in a garden in Exeter, overlooking the Devon countryside.

Destress in your hot tub, reconnect with nature, and make the most of the stunning views around you. - Credit: Hydrolife Hot Tubs

We’ve partnered with Jacuzzi® because every element of their hot tubs is centred around creating an exceptional home spa experience. You can use their calming lighting systems and aromatherapy products to stimulate your mind, aid relaxation, and alleviate fatigue.

2. Ease muscle and joint pain

Hydromassage jets are strategically placed to work independent muscle groups, delivering a thorough full body massage. This is an effective way to loosen tight muscles, ease back strain and soothe aching joints.

3. Improve your gym workout

The hydromassage features of Jacuzzi® hot tubs can also target specific problem areas such as your legs or shoulders. This is ideal for gym-goers as it can help to release muscle tension and prevent injury after a day of running or weight lifting. Muscles can recover quickly, allowing you to train more frequently and push yourself harder.

Hydrolife Hot Tubs will be opening a new hot tub shoroom in Exeter in summer 2022.

Steve Whalley, director of Hydrolife Hot Tubs’ soon to open showroom in Exeter. - Credit: Hydrolife Hot Tubs

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4. Hydrotherapy helps treat arthritis

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, investing in a hot tub can ease your pain by reducing stiffness and inflammation.

It was seeking arthritis relief that inspired Jacuzzi® founders to manufacture their products. One of their sons suffered from rheumatoid arthritis as a child and had to venture to hospital regularly for treatment. As an alternative, they wanted to find a way to deliver hydrotherapy at home, and so their story began.

The ergonomic seating of Jacuzzi® hot tubs offers full support and comfort, enabling individuals to perform gentle stretches that can improve joint flexibility and motion.

5. Improve sleep

Spending 20 minutes in a hot tub before bed can help you relax and prepare your body for sleep, making sure you get a full eight hours and wake up feeling refreshed.

Children learning to swim in a Jacuzzi® swim spa from Hydrolife Hot Tubs in Exeter

Swim spas are a great place for children to practice swimming and bodyboarding. - Credit: Hydrolife Hot Tubs

6. Lower your blood pressure

Hot tubs can be a great natural and safe remedy for helping to lower your blood pressure. The hot water opens up your blood vessels and can improve vascular function. Spending just 10 minutes a day soaking can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and boost your circulation.

7. Help families reconnect

Without access to mobiles and laptops, you’d be surprised how much fun it can be to unwind in your hot tub and spend quality with your family. It’s enabled me and my daughter to catch up and enjoy chatting together.

We can recommend which hot tub will be best for you based on your lifestyle. You can also use our online hot tub selector to help you make your decision.

Jacuzzi® hot tub hydromassage jets can help ease arthritis, mushcle and joint pain.

The hydromassage jets work independent muscle groups, easing pain and tension and can help to treat arthritis. - Credit: Hydrolife Hot Tubs

8. Swim spas can improve your fitness

In recent years we’ve seen the demand for swim spas go through the roof. They are an excellent space-saving and cost-efficient alternative to a swimming pool, are easy to maintain and can be used year-round.  

You can enjoy swimming as part of your daily routine, from the comfort of your own home. This makes it easier to work out, tone muscles and perfect your technique.

Jacuzzi® swim spas also use hydromassage technology for a truly invigorating experience. They can be enjoyed by the whole family to enhance your exercise plan. It’s a safe and fun environment where kids can learn to swim, enjoy playing in the water and even bodyboard!

9. Help you make the most of the outdoors

Devon is a stunning region to live in, filled with gorgeous coastal and countryside views. A hot tub or swim spa is the perfect way to make the most of the scenery surrounding you. Summer nights can be spent star-gazing, and even as the colder months set in, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of your tub.

Installing, using and caring for your Jacuzzi® hot tub is easy

Before installing your hot tub or swim spa, we’ll visit your home and recommend where best to place it. We’ll take care of everything, so you can begin enjoying your new home-spa space right away.

As the biggest retailer of Jacuzzi® in the UK, we can offer specialist guidance every step of the way to make finding, fitting, using and caring for your hot tub simple and stress-free. They are our first choice for hydrotherapy products because of their attention to detail, exceptional quality, and genuine care for providing a phenomenal customer experience.

We always recommend visiting one of our showrooms to try their products for yourself. Our Exeter store will open shortly. You can enjoy browsing in a relaxed, welcoming environment, and chatting with our expert team who can help you discover the wonders of using hydrotherapy at home.

To browse the full range of Jacuzzi® products, visit hydrolifehottubs.co.uk or call 0800 368 9840 to find out more.

Hydrolife’s Exeter showroom will open shortly. You’ll be able to find them at Hydrolife Hot Tubs, Dart Business Park, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX3 0QH.