4 ways a personalised nutrition routine can benefit you

Women eating a bespoke gummy vitamin from Nourished

Nourished offer personalised vitamin stacks designed to complement and enhance your lifestyle and fitness goals - Credit: Nourished

Looking for an easier way to boost your health and wellness?

Taking vitamins and supplements is an important part of maintaining good physical and mental health, but when you’re popping five to eight pills a day for various needs, it can start to feel like a chore.  

With this in mind, tailor-made nutrition start-up Nourished is on a mission to make daily vitamin intake more bespoke, convenient and sustainable with their seven-layer gummy stacks. 

Personalised vitamin stacks from Nourished with seven-layers of active ingredients

Nourished's unique capsulation formula combines seven active ingredients that are scientifically proven to have a range of health benefits - Credit: Nourished

“When you consider that we customise our shoes, our clothes and even our coffee mugs, but not our health and what we’re putting inside our bodies, it doesn’t really make sense,” says Melissa Snover, founder and CEO of Nourished. 

“By personalising your daily vitamins to suit your lifestyle and goals, you can really make a difference to your wellbeing.”  

Here are four ways a bespoke nutrition routine can benefit you:  

1) It supports your lifestyle and fitness goals 

One of the major advantages of personalising your nutrition intake is that it can complement and enhance your unique health needs. “Our one-of-a-kind capsulation formula means we can combine seven active ingredients that are scientifically proven to have a range of benefits, whether you want to sleep better, lose weight, lower your stress levels or improve your overall wellness,” says Melissa. 

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“As well as our custom vitamin stacks, we offer seven-layer multivitamins that target specific needs, such as our best-selling hormone balance gummy for women going through menopause.” 

Nourished offer 35 active ingredients for you to choose from, packed full of high-impact minerals, nutrients and superfoods. If you’re unsure which nutrients are best suited to you, simply fill out the online questionnaire and receive a recommendation based on your lifestyle and fitness objectives. 

2) It’s more convenient  

Nourished offer a monthly vitamin subscription service using sustainable packaging

Nourished offer a convenient monthly subscription service with individually wrapped vitamins to take each day - Credit: Nourished

Taking multiple vitamins and supplements every day can be an arduous task, especially for people with busy lifestyles who are often on-the-go. “The stacked vitamins are far easier and more enjoyable to eat rather than popping several different pills and you’re getting everything you need in one delicious gummy,” says Melissa.  

“You also don’t need to take them with food as you do with most pills – chewing the gummy activates your digestive system which means it’s absorbed more efficiently,” she adds. 

Nourished offer a convenient monthly subscription service delivered to your door to help make forming a healthy nutrition routine hassle-free. 

3) It’s more effective 

As a general rule, the fresher the ingredients in your vitamins, the greater effect they will have on your mind and body. Nourished have developed a revolutionary 3D printing technique that can combine multiple active ingredients into one vitamin to ensure maximum efficacy and absorption levels.  

“Unlike mass-produced pills with long supply chains, Nourished vitamins are made fresh to order and guarantee at least 99.5 per cent efficacy,” explains Melissa.  

“All of our gummy stacks are also made with a vegan gel delivery system, which means they enter into the bloodstream up to five times faster than pills or capsules.” 

Although the results vary for everyone, the benefits of taking daily bespoke vitamins should start to kick-in at around four weeks. 

4) It’s better for the environment  

Recycling packaging is used to wrap individual vitamins from Nourished

As part of their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Nourished use 100 per cent recycled and compostable packaging - Credit: Nourished

With concern for the planet more present than ever, many of us are making efforts to become increasingly conscious consumers and reduce our environmental impact. “These days people are looking for more eco-friendly products and want to feel good about what they’re buying, especially when it’s something you’re consuming every single day like vitamins,” says Melissa.  

To minimise their carbon footprint, Nourished products are made from high-quality, sugar-free and vegan ingredients and they only use fully recycled, compostable materials for packaging. The 3D printing technique also means they have zero waste from unsold products, as each vitamin is freshly made to order.  

“We believe every company has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability without compromising on quality,” Melissa says.  

For more information, visit get-nourished.com or email customerlove@get-nourished.com