How you can now get rid of your glasses after cataract surgery

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A cataract is increasing opacity of the lens of the eye. As it develops, it causes increasing visual blurring and/or glare. Cataract surgery is a very successful procedure to restore the vision and the latest techniques have radically improved the outcome.

The operation involves removing the lens from the eye and replacing it with an acrylic lens. The traditional monfocal lens focuses the eye for distance and patients then wear glasses to correct their vision for reading and sometimes for distance. Modern multifocal premium lens implants are now available that correct short and long sight, astigmatism and reading which has revolutionised cataract surgery as most patients do not need to wear glasses.

What does surgery involve?

Mr Tony Casswell, Consultant Ophthalmologist at the NHS Sussex Eye Hospital and Nuffield Health Haywards Heath carries out operations as a day case under local anaesthetic. A few patients cannot cope with local so opt for sedation or even a general anaesthetic. Recovery is rapid with patients seeing well within a few days. Drops are instilled into the eye on a reducing dose for a month.

Are there any risks?

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Cataract surgery is a highly successful procedure but complications can occur which reduce the sight after the operation. Tony Casswell measures and audits his results carefully.

Multifocal lenses have been around for many years, and but they have not been widely used as some patients have side effects of glare and haloes. The improved modern multifocal lenses give intermediate vision as well as near and distance. Visual side effects have been almost eliminated because the lenses are better designed and they are only inserted in suitable patients. A detailed eye examination is needed to see if patients are suitable for multifocal lenses. The Ophthalmic Consulting rooms at Nuffield Health Haywards Heath have been upgraded so they have all the necessary equipment to examine eyes. The theatre suite has also been upgraded with the most modern cataract surgery equipment and retinal surgery machines.

How can I find out more?

Mr Tony Casswell is giving a free public talk on Saturday 1 October 2016 at 10am at the Nuffield Health Haywards Heath Hospital, the hospital is just 5 minutes from the train station and there is free parking on site. If you would like to attend or you would just like more information call on 01444 476 734 or email

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