Is everybody listening?

Isn't it amazing to think that, according to national statistics, 1 in 3 of us over the age of 50 will have some degree of hearing loss? That doesn't make us deaf, nor does it mean we are one of the labels that is often associated to hearing impai...

The question is, if you are one of the 9 million or so people in the UK that has a hearing loss, and you chose to wear a hearing aid, what do you do about it?

Hearing aids are big business today with lots of companies offering 'Special deals' or '2 for 1'a big topic at the or maybe waiting on an NHS waiting list for what seems an eternity, only to then receive something that spends it's life sat in the sock drawer of the unhappy user.

Amongst the brightly coloured, glossy marketing and the technical 'jargon' often used by the large sales companies to draw you in, there are Independent specialists that can offer real advice and provide real benefits to those who need it most.

Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Hearing Centres (soon to be re-named Imperial Hearing Ltd) are a family run Independent company that have been providing quality hearing care for over 50 years throughout Gloucestershire over 3 generations.

They have gained a lot of publicity recently by concentrating efforts to help patients that are caught on the NHS waiting list for digital hearing aids. In addition to this, they are one of only 22 practices throughout the country to have recently been awarded 'Centre of Excellence' status from the prestigious national organization - AIHHP (Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals), cementing their names as one of the best practices in the country.

As the demand of their services has grown, so too has their company. They have 2 brand new, state of the art Hearing Centres open in Stow-on-the-Wold [5 Brewery Yard, Sheep St.] and also Newnham-on Severn [The Old Vicarage, High St.] offering their services and expertise on a more local basis.

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The two partners of the business, Sam Rossiter and Simon Wendland, have known each other since school and now are proud to be the owners of such a successful company.

"We continue to work hard to try and differentiate ourselves from the big national hearing aid companies and the 'Centre of Excellence' accolade is something we are immensely proud of." says Sam. "Unlike most other companies, we do not believe in a 'Sales process' when dealing with something as delicate as your hearing. We will continue to offer genuine, honest, expert advice, products at competitive prices and a service that you should expect. That's it - simple!"

As part of their services, they offer a free full assessment with a 6 week period to trial any hearing aids they recommend with a refund policy if you are not entirely satisfied.

Simon added, "We feel it is unrealistic to expect anyone to buy a healthcare product without it first being proven to suit their prescription and requirements. The trial period just offers a peace of mind to the patient, safe in the knowledge they are never pressured or sold something that might not be able to deliver the results they had hoped for." He continued, "There are some truly remarkable technologies around at the moment to suit from the mildest to the most severe of hearing difficulties, however a computer is only as good as the person programming it. The way in which the technology is applied along with the support of rehabilitation and aftercare, ensure every patient we see is given the best possible service;

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