Car Review - Alfa Romeo Guilietta TCT


Our motoring correspondent Syd Taylor is a latin lover after driving the Alfa Romeo Guilietta TCT

Alfa Romeo has earned its position as a strong brand (second only to Ferrari some say) and as a marque with much romance. Any new model must do justice to that. Carrying forward the long Alfa traditions and imbuing Latin flair into the Guilietta ensures powerful appeal not only to loyal Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, but to those who have never considered an Alfa before.

The Guilietta is a breath of fresh air. This red-blooded 5 door compact car adds a new dimension of desirability to the market. With its attractive style and top level build standards, it matches and beats many German cars - and it does so with a bold spirit and exuberance we haven’t seen for a long time in a market full of grey cars. Those who drive Alfas smile: particularly so when at the wheel of a Guilietta.

There’s a choice from three petrol and three diesel engines and price ranges from just under £18,000 for a 1.4 petrol to just over £26,000 for the top spec diesel.

And so on a crisp winter morning, 170 bhp 2.0 litre diesel powered, Lusso specification Guilietta - with Alfas brilliant dual clutch TCT transmission that combines the benefits of automatic and manual transmission - at my fingertips, there was the same charge in the air that I’ve always felt with Alfas. Perhaps it was the Alfa Romeo DNA. - a system that allows the car’s personality to be adapted to your driving needs by altering throttle response and steering, at the flick of a switch: Dynamic for sporting spirit, Normal for a comfortable and relaxed drive and All Weather.

Perhaps it was the smooth lustiness of the diesel that is suitably spirited for a car with so much history bearing down on it, (Not only is it willing, but it sips fuel to give around 60mpg overall) or the welcoming, well specified interior that conveys an impression of quality and offers an excellent driving position - or maybe the Guiliettas potential to whizz me to 135mph should Beezlebub whisper in my ear.

I stopped for lunch at a cafe and outside ‘bikers’ stood talking about the chrome on their latest machines. A bearded Harley rider nodded approvingly. ‘Beautiful car’ he said. The Alfa certainly turns heads.

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