Ruched & Ready - the body positive clothing label

The new Ruched & Ready

The new Ruched & Ready - Credit: Archant

A Liverpool fashion entrepreneur has launched a new body positive clothing label – showing that everybody can look good.

Founder of Ruched & Ready Lucy Bramley

Founder of Ruched & Ready Lucy Bramley - Credit: Archant

Body positivity is sweeping through the fashion world with major labels ensuring their clothing fits every body type, whether you're petite, tall or 'plus size'. Large fashion retailers such as ASOS, Mango and River Island all stock clothing to fit different body sizes, realising that consumers aren't all one body shape.

But even with more options out there it can still be a struggle to find clothing that fits well, looks good and make you feel confident.

Lucy Bramley from Liverpool has dealt with the struggle with trying to find clothes that flatter her body shape. 'I've always found it quite challenging to find clothing, especially dresses to fit in a flattering manner,' Lucy says.

'I either end up tweaking certain parts of the dress to make it suit my body or I end up sending items back.'

Ruched & Ready I see you dress

Ruched & Ready I see you dress - Credit: Archant

Lucy is a UK size 16 and though many fashion brands say they offer clothing for all body shapes, they aren't always the most comfortable.

'Some dresses can be made from thinner materials and it can make you feel self-conscious, or they can be too short as they've not considered how the material stretches as the sizes go up,' Lucy adds. 'I saw a gap in the market for a label aimed at curvier girls which is how Ruched & Ready materialized.'

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The fashion label launched in September and has taken Instagram by storm, racking up 11,000 followers with many of her dresses being worn by social media influencers Stephanie Lam, Emma Milton and Jess Flanagan. LA fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah Ashcroft posted a photo of herself wearing a Ruched & Ready dress to her one million followers stating how much she loved the dress.

'Instagram is one of our biggest marketing tools,' Lucy says. 'It's the easiest way to keep yourself in the forefront of people's mind. If people see one of their favourite influencers or celebrities in our dresses, they're tempted to buy one themselves.'

Ruched & Ready 'obsessed with you' dress

Ruched & Ready 'obsessed with you' dress - Credit: Archant

The 26-year-old isn't unknown to the fashion industry, she has a degree in PR working in marketing for big brands including Sports Direct and uses that knowledge when marketing her own brand. 'Whenever I go away or out somewhere special, I always make sure to take a snap of myself wearing a Ruched & Ready dress. That way I've always got something to post on Instagram in striking locations. The models we use are from America and we flew out to LA for our fashion shoot because we wanted to create something eye-catching rather than the standard studio shots.'

Though Lucy's original concept was to design with curves in mind - hence the slogan - during the design process, it became apparent that the dresses suit all shapes and sizes.

'I've always known what suits my figure, so I designed with my own body in mind. The ruched effect can hide anything - perfect if you love going for dinner like I do. But when my sister who's a UK size 10 saw the dresses she pointed out that she would wear them and that I needed to open up the sizes which is what I did.'

Ruched & Ready stocks dresses from UK sizes 8 to 20.

Ruched & Ready

Ruched & Ready - Credit: Archant

'My aim is to inspire body confidence among all women, and I am so happy to see that the collection is just as popular with girls who are a size 8 as it is with those who wear a size 18,' Lucy says.

'In the future, I hope to stock up to a size 26, so I can say that my label fits everyone.'

On the website, each of Ruched & Ready's designs are modelled on three sizes, small, large and extra-large so customers can see how the clothing looks on body types similar to their own. 'It's all about making sure our clients know that our dresses can suit everybody,' says Lucy who is currently preparing to launch the spring/summer collection of Ruched & Ready.

'I'm really excited to show the next stage of the label,' she adds. 'Summer is a time where everyone goes out or goes on holiday and I think our clothing will really reflect that mood.'

Watch out for the latest on their designs on Instagram @Ruchedandready or at

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