Summer looks

Short blonde bobs are popular this summer

Short blonde bobs are popular this summer - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Prepare yourself for the sunny season with top tips from health and beauty professionals

The Bio Sculpture Carnival Collection

The Bio Sculpture Carnival Collection - Credit: Archant

Nail your summer manicure

Kids need protection for their eyes too. Orriss and Low sell stylish yet safe glasses in a range of

Kids need protection for their eyes too. Orriss and Low sell stylish yet safe glasses in a range of styles - Credit: Archant

Apart from bronzed skin and the perfect beachy waves, nothing says summer quite like a fresh and bright manicure.

Bio Sculpture gel manicures last up to three weeks so are the perfect final touch to your holiday look. Pedicures last up to six weeks, and with over 150 colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

By using a unique pre-polish treatment your natural nails will grow and become stronger while using the gels. Why not discover the difference of an advanced nail treatment that’s a pleasure to use and wear?

With no fumes, no odours, and almost no buffing dust, you’ll enjoy seeing your nails transformed to their exceptional potential.

Carnival Collection

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The Carnival season brightens up streets across the world and the Bio Sculpture Gel Carnival Collection has been inspired by the kaleidoscope of exotic colour seen during Carnival. These bright and lively colours will make a bold fashion statement this Summer. Choose from Favella Sunrise, Samba Your Socks Off, Havana Nights and Ipanema Sunset.

Nail Art

Bio Sculpture have a vast range of nail art to choose from, if your looking to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your nails over the summer period, why not add a touch of sparkle to make sure your tips are looking their best this season.

Manicures start from £25. Visit to find your nearest salon.

Keep your hair on trend

Simon Willetts from Combers hair salon in Taunton gives us the low-down on this season’s best hairstyles

The catwalks and red carpets have once again been a promenade of the hottest summer hair styles under the sun, perfect for those summer getaways. But even if you can’t get to Cannes, you can still shimmer in the coolest holiday styles. A number of eye-catching looks have crowned designer beach and party wear and are certain to set temperatures rising.

Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley have been leading the way. Ms Hathaway was spotted wearing a super short blonde cut - and didn’t she look amazing? Rather than taking the sharp short chop, the Les Miserables star kept length on top, adding volume and a touch of the feminine.

Keira, who is no stranger to being blonde, has now put the brilliant into brown. No mousy locks for her; instead she simply glimmered sophistication and elegance, ideal for those warm summer evening parties.

Some other top tips you might try this summer include:

• Accessories - bold bows and leather wraps wowed at Alexa Chung’s shows. These are ideal compliments to any look and help separate you from the crowd.

• Edgy bobs - just when you though it couldn’t be improved, the bob has got attitude. Striking colours and short fringes give it a new life. Definitely a bob for the BBQ.

• Strong side partings - divide and conquer with slick partings, a sort of flapper girl meets Cabaret artiste. This look oozes confidence and sex-appeal to keep you hot well into the autumn.

• Slept-in look - lazin’ on a summer afternoon never looked so glam. On the Balmain catwalk, the look was soft and sleepy, all strawberries and champagne on the river.

For advice or to receive Simon’s personal newsletter and special offers, contact him at Combers on 01823 334331,, or visit

Sunglasses: they’re not just about looking good

As summer arrives, the nation’s sunglasses are being dusted off and donned, but wearing sunglasses is not just about looking cool when it’s hot.

Exposure to the sun’s invisible UV rays can lead to a sore and red eyes, and speeds up the development of macular degeneration and cataract, so it’s important to make sure your eyes are protected.

We asked Orriss and Low Optometrists in Winscombe for their top tips on buying the best sunglasses for your eyes:

1. Choose sunglasses that are big enough to protect the eyes from stray light. Look for the ‘CE’ mark and the British Standard BSEN 1836:1997. Dark sunglasses, without this mark, may still allow UV rays to enter the eye.

2. Have your sunglasses made to your prescription, for sight-seeing, driving and reading by the pool.

3. Polarising lenses are great for reflecting light, both off wet roads as well as bright sunlit ones. Never wear sunglasses when driving at night.

Now you know their top tips there’s no excuse not to get the perfect pair of sunnies that both look good and protect your eyes. Happy summer!

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