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6 types of honeymoon based on your couple personality

6 types of honeymoon based on your couple personality <i>(Image: Getty Images)</i>
6 types of honeymoon based on your couple personality (Image: Getty Images)

How to choose a honeymoon based on your interests and priorities as a couple

With so much focus on wedding planning, it can be easy to overlook an important part of the celebrations – the honeymoon. Whether you choose to take your honeymoon straight after your wedding or leave it a little while longer, you should give your getaway careful thought and consideration.

Whatever you decide, your honeymoon should be a true reflection of your wants and interests as a couple. Where in the world will your honeymoon take you?  

Maxi Moon

Who does it suit? Couples who want to fulfil their ultimate fantasy of honeymooning for four weeks or more.  

What does it involve? From flying to a far-flung destination, or setting sail on a cruise of a lifetime, there is a no holds barred approach to this kind of honeymoon. With no expense spared and a willingness to fully immerse themselves in the experience, couples often decide to combine relaxation with adventure on a maxi moon.  

Where can you go? Australia, America or Thailand 

Mini Moon

Who does it suit? Budget-conscious couples or those looking for a short break after the wedding. 

What does it involve? The opposite of a maxi-moon, a mini-moon is just that – two or three nights away, at home or abroad. This could be a city break in London, Paris or Rome, a spa weekend at a hotel you’ve always wanted to visit, or hiring a secluded cottage or lodge to retreat to from the crowds.  

Where can you go? London, Paris, Rome or closer to home 

Adventure Moon

Who does it suit? Couples looking for a fast-paced adventure like never before.  

What does it involve? If lying on a beach, basking in the sun, isn’t for you, consider an adventure moon. More and more people are turning their backs on the traditional honeymoon and getting active instead. Choices include going on safari, mountain climbing or skiing.  

Where can you go? Africa, New Zealand or Canada 

Family Moon

Who does it suit? Couples with children, looking to involve them in their once-in-a-lifetime trip.  

What does it involve? With age and circumstances unique to every couple, many now marry with a family of their own. While plenty choose to leave the children at home, others want to take them along to enjoy their honeymoon at a family-friendly location. Look for places with theme parks, water parks and attractions to occupy every age.  

Where can you go? Florida, Dubai or Mexico 

Beach Moon

Who does it suit? Sun-seekers with an urge to unwind. 

What does it involve? Still by far the most popular choice among couples who, after the stress of planning a wedding, sit back, relax and enjoy their first weeks as a married couple in as much luxury as they can afford. Have a couple’s massage beside the beach, swim in the ocean and feel the sand between your toes.  

Where can you go? The Maldives, Seychelles or Caribbean  

Culture Moon

Who does it suit? Couples who desire new cultural experiences.  

What does it involve? Make like a true tourist on your honeymoon and immerse yourself in a completely new culture. Indulge your senses in the sights, sounds and smells and learn all about the heritage and history of the place you choose to honeymoon. Try local cuisine and learn the language to enrich your experience and create memories that last a lifetime.  

Where can you go? Japan, India or the Philippines  


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