Whether you’re looking for a pathway to university or a nurturing learning environment before your retakes, a fresh start can make all the difference.

David Game College Liverpool and LILA* (Liverpool International Language Academy) have joined forces to create a sixth form college based in the heart of Liverpool. “David Game College Liverpool offers a wide range of A-Levels, a University Foundation Programme and scholarship opportunities,” shares principal Tom Davis.

We sit down with Tom to discuss the collaboration in more detail and how it can help students to reach their full potential.

Q: What makes your combined college unique?

A: The original David Game College was founded in London in 1974. Since then, it has grown organically to become an outstanding sixth form college specialising in university preparation. Our ethos is to instil a genuine love of learning in our students and encourage them to pursue subjects they enjoy and goals that excite them.

LILA* is an award-winning language school that offers a wide range of English courses for pupils who don't speak English as their first language. Alongside their aim to enhance students’ communication skills and provide them with new opportunities, it’s their ambition for students to achieve regardless of their background. Their values matched our own, which is why we decided to establish a combined institution.

Great British Life: Students can study three or four A-Levels, enrol on the University Foundation Programme or take a one-year course to prepare for retakesStudents can study three or four A-Levels, enrol on the University Foundation Programme or take a one-year course to prepare for retakes (Image: David Game College Liverpool)

Q: What provisions do you have for pupils who haven’t received their expected exam results?

A: We recognise that many students can leave education feeling as though the environment wasn’t conducive to achieving their best. When you spend a significant amount of time in the same school, often with several hundred other students, it can be difficult to receive teaching that suits your learning style.

The class sizes at David Game College Liverpool will not exceed eight students, ensuring a substantial amount of teacher contact time for each individual. This is extremely useful for all of our students, but particularly for those who are retaking exams and need additional support from teachers to improve.

All of our teachers have an undergraduate degree in the subject they teach, as well as a real love for their particular field. Students learning from such teachers will gain a far greater insight into their subjects and achieve results that are an accurate reflection of their abilities.

Q: How do your courses prepare students for the future?

A: Our list of core A-Levels has been carefully selected and is seen as the most academically solid by universities. The subjects we offer cover a range of disciplines from humanities to sciences to business. There are three routes available for A-Level students, our two-year course is ideal for those who have just received their GCSEs, whilst the eighteen-month or one-year course are suitable for those who have previously studied A-Levels and wish to retake.

Our University Foundation Programme is a fantastic route to university for those who do not wish to study A-Levels. Whilst many universities offer similar initiatives, ours will not lock you into studying at a particular place – in fact over 90 universities recognise our programme, including Russell Group institutions.

Our two foundation pathways, business and finance as well as sports management, provide an in-depth insight into several sectors whilst not limiting the choice of degree that a student can study afterwards.

Great British Life: It's the college's goal to build students' self-confidence so they can succeed at university and in their careerIt's the college's goal to build students' self-confidence so they can succeed at university and in their career (Image: David Game College Liverpool)

Q: Are there scholarship places available?

A: Absolutely, we have two exciting scholarship opportunities. In partnership with the Steven Gerrard Academy, our scholarship programme will focus on providing academic opportunities to talented Merseyside-based young people. Scholarships across the board are underapplied for, so we encourage anyone who feels they meet the criteria to apply.

Successful applicants will be awarded £25,000 to study three out of five of the following A-Level subjects: biology, psychology, sociology, business and maths. The criteria for a scholarship place will be centred around situations which can have a limiting impact on student progression, such as having had free school meals or being in the care system.

Q: What is the application procedure for a place at the college?

A: For a regular or scholarship place at David Game College Liverpool, begin by filling out the application forms and submitting the initial documents. You can send these via email or bring them into the college.

The head of admissions will invite candidates for an informal interview to discuss their goals, why they want to study their chosen subjects and what their aims are for the future. Building self-confidence and a clear vision within our students is a primary objective for us – helping them to walk into university or the workplace with belief and leadership qualities.

To enquire about a place at David Game College Liverpool, visit lilalovetolearn.com/david-game-college-liverpool or email enquiries@dgcliverpool.com.