Our new dog series comes in collaboration with Facebook group Dog Walks in Cheshire, they share their photos of their four-legged friends.

Great British Life: Henry the cockapoo and Bella the goldendoodleHenry the cockapoo and Bella the goldendoodle (Image: Zoe Smith)

Henry the cockapoo and his best friend Bella, the golden doodle
The three-year-old dog besties, papped in Lyme Park, love walking together, chasing each other and play-fighting. Henry is a registered pet therapy dog and had just started visiting the Bowerfield Court care home in High Lane, Stockport, when the pandemic hit. Owner Zoe Smith, who lives in Disley, says: ‘Lyme Park is a favourite but we also like the canal, the River Goyt, Black Rocks and Disley Woods. We frequently cross the border to Derbyshire to walk in the Goyt Valley. During the pandemic I have found walks in Disley I didn’t know existed.’

Great British Life: Hayley Roebuck and Bear the German shepherdHayley Roebuck and Bear the German shepherd (Image: Hayley Roebuck)

Baloo the Bear, a German shepherd
Bear, eight, was adopted from Manchester Dog’s Home nearly seven years ago by owner Hayley Roebuck. ‘He is the light of my life and the gentlest giant,’ she says. ‘We visit Macclesfield Forest nearly every day for our daily dose of nature, and to appreciate how lucky we are to have such views on our doorstep.’

Great British Life: Mena the labradorMena the labrador (Image: Kate Roffey)

Mena, the labrador retiever
‘My dog’s name is Mena because she’s a menace,’ says owner Kate Roffey, from Latchford. ‘Her favourite walk is Victoria Park, Warrington, as she loves to chase the swallows and always meets doggo pals and friendly walkers who don’t mind too much when she runs off with their tennis balls.’

Great British Life: Mabel the labradoodle and Nellie the wirehaired dachshundMabel the labradoodle and Nellie the wirehaired dachshund (Image: Mel Ashley-Roberts)

Mabel the labradoodle and Nellie, the wirehaired dachshund
Mabel and Nellie enjoy walks all over Cheshire with their owners Mel Ashley-Roberts and her husband Paul Ashley. Their favourite is on their doorstep in Eccleston, along the River Dee.

Great British Life: Belle Clarke and Ozzie the miniature goldendoodleBelle Clarke and Ozzie the miniature goldendoodle (Image: Belle Clarke)

Ozzie, the miniature goldendoodle
Marbury Park is the walk of choice for Ozzie and his owner Belle Clarke, Northwich, who love to explore the woods. ‘Ozzie loves to chase squirrels...despite having never caught one,’ Belle says. ‘He loves a paddle in the stream that runs alongside the lake. After a long walk, we always finish with a hot chocolate and little cup of whipped cream for Ozzie, which he adores.’

Great British Life: Jennifer Oultram and Max the black labradorJennifer Oultram and Max the black labrador (Image: Jennifer Oultram)

Max, the black labrador
‘Max loves any walk that involves his ball, but our favourites are Marbury Park and New Brighton Beach,’ says owner Jennifer Oultram, from Northwich.

Great British Life: Daisy the cockapoo and Liz AtkinsonDaisy the cockapoo and Liz Atkinson (Image: Liz Atkinson)

Daisy, the cockapoo
Daisy loves getting filthy digging, or anywhere there is water. ‘She’s a total nutcase and has so much energy,’ owner Liz Atkinson says. ‘We love Marbury, Owley Wood in Weaverham (around the corner from us), Pale Heights, Dutton Locks and Whitegate Way. The list is endless.’

Great British Life: Aimee Gray and Ralph the cocker spaniel x cavachonAimee Gray and Ralph the cocker spaniel x cavachon (Image: Aimee Gray)

Ralph, the cocker spaniel x cavachon
‘Ralphy is my best friend,’ says owner Aimee Gray, from Northwich. ‘I suffer with anxiety and even though he’s only 14 months old, he’s always so good at knowing when I’m having a bad day and gives me so many kisses and cuddles. It’s hard to pick a favourite walk, but around here it’s a toss-up between Anderton or Dutton Locks.’

Great British Life: Sammy Tse and Chase the rough collieSammy Tse and Chase the rough collie (Image: Sammy Tse)

Chase, the rough collie
Winsford owner Sammy Tse says: ‘Our favourite walks so far include Winsford Common, along River Weaver to Winsford salt mines and Vale Royal Locks, looping back at Hartford Blue Bridge and up towards Moulton Tunnels, turning onto Shaws Lane, past Smokehall Cottage.’

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Great British Life: Joshua Wilson and Alfie the tibetan terrierJoshua Wilson and Alfie the tibetan terrier (Image: Sarah Offley)

Alfie, the tibetan terrier
‘We love to walk in the Bickerton Hills and along the Sandstone Trail,’ says owner Sarah Offley, whose local area is Childer Thornton, Ellesmere Port. It’s her son, Joshua Wilson, in the picture with Alfie. ‘They are dog friendly, have stunning views and we love to round it off with a drink in the Bickerton Poacher. Bliss.’

Great British Life: Jack the border collie and Lola, the cavalier King Charles spanielJack the border collie and Lola, the cavalier King Charles spaniel (Image: Christine Willis)

Jack the border collie and Lola, the cavalier King Charles spaniel
Christine Johnson, who runs Warrington pet portrait business pawsforaphoto.co.uk, took this romantic image of Lola, who was at doggy day care with her, and Jack, whose owner is a trainer and friend. ‘I thought the photo would be much harder to take, but the dogs loved the spaghetti,’ Christine says. ‘We just attached the dogs to each end and got out of the way. I just needed to stop laughing enough to take the shot.’

Great British Life: Hannah Wheawell and dachshund RonnieHannah Wheawell and dachshund Ronnie (Image: Hannah Wheawell)

Ronnie, the dachshund
Four-year-old Ronnie’s favourite walk is Marbury Park. ‘We love the different walks and areas to explore there,’ says owner Hannah Wheawell, Northwich..

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