Real Housewife of Cheshire has hopes for a little romance this month, and is confident husband Martin has it all in hand

Romance is in the air... 

Every year Martin treats us to something special on Valentine's Day. The last few years he has organised a nice spa day or a nice meal, so while I'm not too sure what he's got in store for us this year, his track record suggests it will be something I will love. 

Obviously, we have two young babies, so everytime we want to do something we have to really think about it and organise 10 steps ahead for arranging childcare, which sort of takes the romance out of it a little bit. I do miss the days of spontaneity, but I wouldn’t swap!

Great British Life: A toast to romance - even if these days it takes a little planningA toast to romance - even if these days it takes a little planning (Image: Hanna Kinsella)

We get each other a nice card and he usually presents me with a bouquet of flowers, too, which always make me happy. I don’t need anything else – but I am happy he’s the romantic type! 

On a less romantic note - I'm also excited for Pancake Day this year! I can't wait to make pancakes with Max; he's started to want to join in when I'm cooking, which is lovely, so I'm sure we will make a tradition out of flipping pancakes this year and covering them in Nutella and banana, my favourite! I wonder what his will be? 

My babies are growing so fast! 

Kimia is now eight months old! We are deep into the weaning stage and she's a great eater. I am doing a mixture of baby-led weaning and purees. She's also loving her finger food and so far porridge has been a big hit. She's also started nursery now which she is really enjoying, though handing her over those first few times was a wrench, I will admit. 

Great British Life: My favourite photo of my two babies having fun together this ChristmasMy favourite photo of my two babies having fun together this Christmas (Image: Hanna Kinsella)

Max is two this month; I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. We haven’t decided what we are going to do for this birthday yet. Whatever it is, it probably won't be as extravagant as his first birthday party, but we will definitely get a few friends and family together for a little celebration. He’s really coming on now which is just wonderful to witness. His vocab is brilliant. He's bilingual as well, my mum and dad speak to him in Persian and he understands everything in Farsi. He’s really coming on, very communicative and I'm really happy with the way he's developing. I really think nursery has got a lot to do with that, so while it’s hard to hand your baby over, it’s so good for their socialisation and all those tiny steps of development I know they are in the very best of hands. 

My other babies are doing well too

My business-baby Icy Bear has so many exciting things planned for 2023, including bringing out new products this year, such as Icy Bear Cubs, which we plan to launch towards the end of the year. It’s inspired by all the messages I get from parents asking for tips and tricks for children's dental health, we will be bringing an innovative new product to the market to encourage kids to look after their teeth. All will be revealed really soon!  

I’m also excited to reveal that Dr Kinsella Skin has secured a place on QVC, so you’ll be seeing Martin on there talking about the products and they will all be available to purchase via the shopping channel.   

We started filming for the RHOC in January! 

I'm excited for this series as I can get more involved; the last two series I've been pregnant or with a newborn, so it's been a bit challenging to get stuck in. 

Great British Life: It feels good to be back with the RHOCH ladiesIt feels good to be back with the RHOCH ladies (Image: Hanna Kinsella) 

After the Christmas cruise in Mexico, all of us Housewives have gelled which is so nice. The thing is with Housewives, however, is you never know what's around the corner, even though everyone seems to be getting on at the moment. I guess we shall see!