And that’s a wrap

I honestly can’t believe that another series is finished! Time always goes so quickly when the show is on but this time I feel like it went extra fast.

I hope everyone enjoyed this series, you definitely got to see a vulnerable side of me that I don’t show very often. It was a crazy series, filled with drama and lots of ups and downs!

As much as there were difficult times during this season, I had a great time with the girls and we always come out stronger in the end.

Great British Life: All over for another season - but we'll be back! Photo: Monkey KingdomAll over for another season - but we'll be back! Photo: Monkey Kingdom

I am often asked how I choose the clothes I wear on the show, and here's my secret - her name is Beth, and she's a genius! She really takes the pressure off me when I'm trying to organise outfits for events, filming, confessionals and even when I'm doing photoshoots for the brands.

We work together on finding the best outfits for each event which are still my style. Beth also comes on shoots with me to make sure the outfits are styled correctly on set, which is lifesaving! I love working closely with her throughout the series, it's always great to have an expert to give me advice and guidance on these things.

She is on Instagram as @bethjstyle if you want to check her out.

Serving my passion

You may remember last month I shared the news of the launch of Icy Bear Dental Cubs, a new children's oral care brand designed to make brushing fun and educational. I feel a little like a new mum, to be honest – it might seem odd to you, but I am prouder of this product than of any other in the range, because it links to a long-time passion of mine, good oral health for children.

Great British Life: I want to make teeth-clean time fun for children, and easier for parentsI want to make teeth-clean time fun for children, and easier for parents

Did you know that one-in-five five-year-olds have decayed teeth in their mouth, usually affecting three or four of them. I know, horrible, isn’t it? This is why I developed the Icy Bear Cubs range – a toothpaste that tastes of bubblegum, so children won’t push it away, and an app, Cubby Buddy, to help parents encourage their little ones to brush their teeth properly. Cubby Buddy is a virtual pet that encourages children to install good oral hygiene habits while also having fun. By brushing their teeth twice a day, it charges up Cubby’s health bar making sure he’s happy and content for the day.

Children are prompted to brush in the different areas of their mouth, ensuring that they brush thoroughly and effectively. On completion of brushing their teeth the child will receive a reward which they can collect as they play. But be careful! If the child misses brushing their teeth, Cubby is not going to be happy and it’s game over.

It's crazy to think me and my team have brought this idea to life! I am so excited for everyone with children to try this app and toothpaste and I really hope it’s a gamechanger when it comes to morning and nighttime routines. Cubby Buddy is free to download on both iOS and Android devices now and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Summer fun

I am so excited for summer. I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Now Max and Kimia are getting a bit older and more active - it will be great to be able to go out and do fun activities with them.

Great British Life: We loved how safe and easy it was to get around Centre ParcsWe loved how safe and easy it was to get around Centre Parcs

Weekend getaways are on our list for this summer, they are ideal for us - being so busy all of the time throughout the week. We recently went to Centre Parcs, which was really fun. It's a great little getaway, especially if you have children. We went swimming, on bike rides and had multiple BBQs. The accommodation is brilliant and everything is so close together it made it all so easy for us to just relax and have fun.

We don't have any overseas trips planned for this year, at least not so far. I have been so busy working and filming and my main priority was launching my children's oral care brand. I am sure Martin will organise something special for us though. Or should I say I hope Martin will organise something special for us...?!

Abroad or at home, what I really want to do is find wonderful moments to share with my family whether that’s on a trip to Chester Zoo, or a second visit to Centre Parcs, or a city break, or just pottering to the park and grabbing an ice-cream. Family is everything, and they’re not little for long!