We’re on the move! 

This month we are finally moving house! I am so excited to be moving to a house with a big garden for the kids. I am really looking forward to having a blank canvas to make into a family home. Moving house is a stressful time but also a great opportunity to cleanse and clear out.  

Great British Life: Kimia is growing so fast!Kimia is growing so fast! (Image: Hanna Kinsella)

Packing up the house makes me feel so nostalgic, I keep finding tiny clothes from when Max and Kimia were newborn and it makes me realise how fast time is flying by. 

We have so many amazing memories in this apartment and it will be bittersweet when we leave, but we are so excited and looking forward to the memories we are yet to make in the new house.  

I am so ready to embrace the next chapter of our lives. 

They don’t stop moving! 

One of the main reasons why we decided it was time to move is because Max and Kimia are both so active now.  

With the summer coming and the weather showing up for us, it’s the perfect time to move somewhere with a garden. I think it's really important for kids to have outside playtime. I remember when I was a child, I used to spend so much time outdoors and you don’t see so much of that these days. 

Great British Life: Another huge milestone for Max - and me!Another huge milestone for Max - and me! (Image: Hann Kinsella)

Max and Kimia are really starting to become good friends. It's amazing to watch them interacting with each other and playing together. I don't know what I am going to do when they are both walking, but I imagine that time is coming very soon, as Kimia is so active and so determined. 

The potty training has just started with Max, it was becoming clear that he was ready to move on from wearing nappies and I’ve been told summer is a great time to get it sorted. 

Why does no one prepare you for these milestones?! I’m sure we will get there eventually but it's a really tricky situation to navigate at the start. Taking the potty everywhere we go and stopping the car to avoid accidents seems to be my life for now. 

Martin does it again 

For my birthday, Martin really showed his talent for gifts – he's booked us something to do together every single month for the rest of the year. This was such a thoughtful present because we rarely get to do anything together, just the two of us.  

He booked for us to go to Wimbledon, to visit Barcelona to see Beyoncé, to see Peter Kay and to see Madonna! I am so grateful for this gift as I have something to be excited about every single month, for the rest of the year. 

Great British Life:

The first trip we went on was to see Beyoncé in Barcelona and honestly, it was AMAZING. Beyoncé has always been one of my favourite artists and to get the opportunity to see her in Barcelona was incredible.  

Barcelona is such a beautiful place and the food is amazing. I love tapas, especially in the summer, and nowhere does it better. The paella was to DIE FOR and the markets are brilliant. It's great because during the day it is a beautiful city and during the evening/night it turns into a lively, vibrant party vibe.  

It was such a fun short trip, we went from Wednesday to Friday which is the perfect amount of time to go, especially when we are both so busy and have left the kids at home with our parents!  

A brief retreat 

Last month I had some ’me time'. I very rarely do anything alone. In fact, I'd never done a phoneless, internetless week alone in my life.  

It was amazing to take some time away and reset and recharge. I feel a huge sense of clarity, which left me feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to smash my goals for the rest of this year.  

I strongly recommend doing something like this. The absence of constant notifications and digital distractions created so much space to allow connection into the present moment.  

Sometimes it is important to rediscover human connection, it sounds crazy but we are so caught up in a digital world, especially with me being on TV. 

It was a priceless experience to declutter my mind and gain clarity on my priorities and direction in life. I am super excited for what the rest of 2023 has to offer and i'm so happy to be able to take you all on this crazy journey with me.