Your car could be a lot more valuable than you first thought as the handy and legally required number plate could earn you extra cash. 

Private number plates are the more valuable variations with some more exclusive options fetching prices above £1 million while others reach over £100,000. 

Business Plate Hunter specialises in selling and finding registration plates with value. 

Sharing that there are over 54 million plates available and that they can hunt down under registration with some even being worth a lot more than you might think.

How much is my number plate worth?

You can find out the cost of your number plate via Plate Hunter.

Values of numbers plates vary depending on how common they are and how often they are being searched for. 

Great British Life: How much could your number plate be worth?How much could your number plate be worth? (Image: Canva)

Such as, if your private plate has a name attached, it could be worth less, as Plate Hunter shares: "If your private plates are to display a name like ‘Gemma’, there can be a few variations including; ‘GEM’, ‘G3M’, ‘G3 MMA’ and ‘GE MM4’.

"Number plates that have many variations tend to be worth less due to a high chance of other private plates having the ability to achieve the same effect."

However, if your personalised plate has a word, name or phrase you are more likely to gain some extra cash. 

Plates having the number '1' are worth more than others, and plates with shorter registration worth more, like 200 AC which is valued at £26,000. 

The real winners are shorter registrations as they tend to be older and so aren't in circulation as much as newer plates. 

Number plates from over 100 years ago are very rare and are the most sought after and could get you a good extra sum.