If you own Premium Bonds or are just curious to see who won the top £1 million prize, look no further.

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has announced the 2023 July winners.

Only two lucky winners get to claim the top million-pound prize with the first claimed by a winner from Staffordshire with the bond number 493HK711899.

The owners winning bond was valued at £9,000 and was purchased in March 2022 with an overall holding of £48,750.

The second Premium Bond winner to claim £1 million is from Norfolk with bond number 246DR645231.

The winner has an overall holding of £20,000 with a winning bond worth £20,000 purchased in May 2015.

Amount of Premium Bond prizes in July

Every month only two winners take home £1 million but there are still plenty of other prizes available, with 71 people winning the second prize of £100,000 and 141 claiming £50,000. 

You can check the July big winners via the NS&I website here.

  • £1million - 2
  • £100,000 - 71
  • £50,000 - 141
  • £25,000 - 284
  • £10,000 - 590
  • £5,000 - 1,177
  • £1,000 - 12,573
  • £500 - 37,719
  • £100 - 1,280,509
  • £50 - 1,280,509
  • £25 - 2,376,161

Great British Life: This month there are two winners who have claimed the top million-pound prizeThis month there are two winners who have claimed the top million-pound prize (Image: Getty)

How to see if you've won on Premium Bonds

You can check your account via the NS&I website. 

Prize draws are conducted every month and see prizes up to £1,000,000 given away.

To find out if you have ever won a Premium Bonds prize, you will need to dig out your holder's information and head over to the prize checker.

You will need your holder’s number which you can find on your bond record, or in the app.

You can also use your NS&I number which you should be able to find on any communication about your bonds.