I'm SO excited!

I’ve been keeping this under wraps – but now I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news of a collaboration with DOCO Stories and my dental practice, Kiln Lane Dental!

We have been working on a really exciting project to produce a three-part documentary series, The Tooth Doctors, which delves into the world of dentistry, sheds light on the issue of dental anxiety, and offers an intimate portrayal of everyday life within our dental practice.

Great British Life: We're pretty proud of The Tooth Doctors documentaryWe're pretty proud of The Tooth Doctors documentary (Image: Hanna Kinsella)

I open the doors of Kiln Lane to introduce you to the dedicated and passionate dentists and nurses who form the backbone of my practice, which is located in St Helens. I really believe that by showcasing the real people behind the white coats and masks, we can foster a stronger connection between patients and dental professionals.

The aim of the documentary is to ease anxiety of patients and people needing dental treatment across the country. It's crazy to know how many people are scared of going to the dentist. Every day at work I meet people who tell me how anxiety-inducing they find a visit to the dentist – and these are only the ones who push themselves to actually come anyway. There are many, many more people who never cross the threshold of a dental practice and who end up in a position where they’re needing much more intensive work than they ever would have if they hadn’t felt that fear.

Interestingly, it's not even necessarily potential pain that they are scared of, it's more so the sensations. Dental care is so important and it's really important to me to help people feel at ease.

The documentary was filmed by DOCO, it consists of 3 short (20 minute) episodes which are all available on YouTube now.

Great British Life: They got right up close during filming, to show how it really isThey got right up close during filming, to show how it really is

This series was so fun to film. My team hadn’t really had any experience in filming for anything before and they were AMAZING. Filming The Tooth Doctors was quite different to anything I've filmed before so it was a really exciting experience for me as well.

It's crazy when you see the amount of work, technology and equipment that goes into filming anything, especially in a documentary set up. But DOCO were incredible and very accommodating when it came to filming and organising everything.

Everyone who got involved made me really proud and they all went the extra mile to make sure this series was as real and raw as it could be. Even the patients who offered to take part were amazing. I couldn't have done it without them.

I will always make it my mission to make my patients feel comfortable when coming to visit me and I hope this documentary does this for patients all over the country, visiting any practice. Check it out on Youtube and let me know what you think. There is potential for a series 2 so if anyone has any topics they would like us to cover, we would really appreciate the suggestions.

Moving on...

The house move is still as exciting (and stressful) as ever. We are moving in before the end of the month, so alongside the documentary, launching Icy Bear Cubs and being a dentist, I am spending most of my time packing boxes.

I have, however, already planned my first party - a Barbie themed gathering. I am loving seeing Barbie everywhere at the moment and I hope everyone goes to the extremes when dressing up for our housewarming/barbie party. Martin and I always go as a duo to a fancy dress party so this theme is perfect for us. It’s planned for quite soon after we move in, so I hope everything goes to plan.

And here’s the biggest new of all...

I've bought a puppy!

I have always loved dogs and always wanted one of my own. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get one, moving into the new house with lots of space and a separate office for me and my team so I will be at home as much as possible.

She is a maltipoo, and I cannot wait to pick her up and share her with my family – and you! I thought this breed would be perfect as they’re quite small, clever and they don't moult.

Great British Life: I can't wait to bring this little one home!I can't wait to bring this little one home!

She is so gorgeous and tiny and I think she will be amazing for Max and Kimia. I can't wait to tell them and collect her with them. I think it's really important to introduce your children to having pets from a young age and this puppy has come around just at the right time. Looking after a pet is a huge responsibility and a privilege, and I shall make sure my children understand how lucky we all are to have her in our lives.

We won't be collecting her until we are in the new house and I have everything set up perfectly for her. She is definitely the final piece to our puzzle.