Travelling across Scotland you will notice hundreds of towns, villages and parks with names that can be hard to pronounce for English speakers unfamiliar with the locations.

Much of this difficulty can be attributed to the fact that some of these place names originate from other languages like Scottish Gaelic.

With so many places that are tough to pronounce (even for some Scots), we decided to round up some of the hardest pronunciations, along with how to say them.

Scotland's hardest place names to pronounce and how to say them

Great British Life: Findochty is a town in moray pronounced Fin-ich-tyFindochty is a town in moray pronounced Fin-ich-ty (Image: Getty)

Here are Scotland's place names that are hardest to pronounce along with how to say them and their meanings.

Milngavie (East Dunbartonshire)

How to pronounce: Mul-guy

Meaning: Milngavie's name is of Gaelic origins meaning 'windmill' or 'windy hill'.

Ecclefechan (Dumfries and Galloway)

How to pronounce: Eck-el-feck-han

Meaning: Name of Brittonic (Welsh) origins which combines 'a church' (egles) and 'little' (fechan).

Auchtermuchty (Fife)

How to pronounce: Auch-ter-much-ty

Meaning: Scottish Gaelic name meaning 'upland of the pigs or boars'.

Freuchie (Fife)

How to pronounce: Froo-kay

Meaning: The name derives from the Scottish Gaelic word froach meaning heather.

Garioch (Aberdeenshire)

How to pronounce: Geer-ee

Meaning: Garioch comes from the Scottish Gaelic word gairbheach, meaning 'place of roughness'.

Findochty (Moray)

How to pronounce: Fin-ich-ty in Scots

Meaning: Transcribed as the Gaelic word fanna-guchti, the meaning is still unclear.

Great British Life: Freuchie's name derives from the Scottish Gaelic word for Heather (Getty)Freuchie's name derives from the Scottish Gaelic word for Heather (Getty) (Image: Getty)

Wemyss Bay (Inverclyde)

How to pronounce: Weemss Bay

Meaning: Derived from the Scottish Gaelic word uaimh meaning cave.

Islay (Inner Hebrides)

How to pronounce: I-la

Meaning: Originally recorded as Epidion, the name is likely linked to a Brittonc or Pictish tribe - The name is not of Gaelic origin.

Chatelherault (Hamilton, South Lanarkshire)

How to pronounce: Chat-le-row

Meaning: The name is derived from the name of a French town called Châtellerault. The title of Duc de Châtellerault was granted to James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran in 1548 for his role in arranging the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots to Francis, Dauphin of France.