Tucked away at the southernmost tip of the Cheshire Plain, Nantwich is a town buzzing with energy and charm. Whether you're an explorer, a shopping enthusiast, or a foodie through and through, Nantwich has it covered. It's a place where everyone who visits will find something to fall in love with.

Great British Life: St Mary's Church in the centre of town. (c) Yasmin ThomasSt Mary's Church in the centre of town. (c) Yasmin Thomas


The historic town centre presents a tapestry of cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, where a delightful fusion of old and new co-exists harmoniously.

Stroll through the winding streets of Nantwich and immerse yourself in its rich heritage, which whispers tales of Roman roots that continue to leave their mark even today. The town proudly displays remnants of its fascinating past. As you wander through the cobbled streets, you'll be transported back in time, surrounded by striking historic buildings. You can dive into the past at Nantwich Museum, a treasure trove of artefacts that vividly brings the town's heritage to life.

Great British Life: Nantwich all dressed up for visitors. (c) Yasmin ThomasNantwich all dressed up for visitors. (c) Yasmin Thomas


Did you know that the name Nantwich has a salty origin? It's derived from the Welsh term 'Nant yr Heledd Wen', which translates to 'the stream of the white salt pit'. But the salt connection doesn't stop there. The Romans, famous for their baths, also valued this spot for its salt, producing it here during the second and third centuries. This ancient tradition was no flash in the pan, Nantwich continued to produce salt for 1,600 years thereafter.

Great British Life: Cafe culture in Nantwich. (c) Yasmin ThomasCafe culture in Nantwich. (c) Yasmin Thomas


From cosy cafés to elegant restaurants, there's something to suit every palate and every occasion. Churche's Mansion on Hospital Street, one of the oldest buildings in Cheshire, showcases a menu that complements the Tudor landmark’s heritage. Whether you're dining in the sun-filled garden, sipping on your favourite cocktail or enjoying a Sunday roast by the crackling log fire in the winter, this is the perfect venue to celebrate a special occasion.

If you're a lover of deep, dark, traditional Italian coffee, or you're partial to freshly handcrafted pizza and pasta, High Street coffee shop Enzo’s relaxed environment is renowned for its commitment to 100 per cent natural ingredients.

If a traditional pub is more your scene, the Cheshire Cat on Welsh Row offers a great selection of ales and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The food is hearty and satisfying, featuring classic British pub fare.

Ginger and Pickles, tucked away in Mill Street, is renowned for serving a menu crafted from locally-sourced, homemade food. A trip to Ginger and Pickles wouldn't be complete without sampling the mouth-watering cakes. From classic Victoria sponges to decadent chocolate fudge cakes, every selection is a testament to the art of baking.

If you're in the mood for authentic Italian, Romazzino on High Street offers a variety of dishes from pasta to pizza, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The location makes it the ideal place to stop in for a quick lunch, and Romazzino’s cosy ambience lends an extra touch of magic to romantic dinners or memorable family get-togethers.

An embodiment of global culinary experiences packaged in a trendy, casual setting, Street on Welsh Row is a dining destination that has captured the vibrancy and diversity of street food culture from around the globe. Street's innovative menu is a testament to its commitment to using local and seasonal produce, offering diners a constantly evolving range of flavours to explore.



To complement its vibrant food, drink and retail scene, Nantwich proudly hosts a traditional market at the junction of Market Street and Churchyard Side, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, when local artisans and regional suppliers showcase their diverse range of produce and crafts.

In addition to the regular market, Nantwich is renowned for its lively outdoor Farmers Market, which offers a delightful assortment of goods. The town embraces its farming roots on the last Saturday of every month. It's a great place to stock up on the best produce the region has to offer, all while supporting the local farming community.


Great British Life: Holly Challinor of Cheshire Botanicals. (c) Cheshire BotanicalsHolly Challinor of Cheshire Botanicals. (c) Cheshire Botanicals

Holly Challinor

Director, Cheshire Botanicals Ltd.

‘Nantwich is a hidden gem. My fondest memories of visiting the town before moving here permanently were made during visits to my grandma’s house. We used to walk into the town’s centre, past the planters filled with the vibrant florals of the Nantwich in Bloom displays. Little did younger me know that these would be a source of creativity in later life for the Nantwich Gin recipe. Local history and personalities are also inspirational for the development of our gins.’

Great British Life: Jean Kay. (c) John KayJean Kay. (c) John Kay

Jean Kay

Nantwich Food Festival

'Nantwich is definitely where my heart lies; living by the countryside, yet mere minutes’ walk from Nantwich’s wonderful restaurants, cafés and independent shops, works so well.

It’s such a beautiful and welcoming place where people matter. The town oozes history: cobbled, medieval streets, 14th-century St Mary’s Church and half-timbered buildings plus a museum covering all things local. The vibrant shops, market and flower-filled streets encourage local shopping, followed by a leisurely drink or meal. From waterside walks to the many amazing festivals, Nantwich has it all.'