A loyal, longstanding customer base is essential for a successful business, even more so if you are a dentist.

No matter if you are relaxed when attending appointments or find a trip to the dentist a little bit nerve wracking, if you feel safe and reassured by the skill and professionalism of your dentist you are not going anywhere else.

That is the case with patients registered with Peter Young at his practice, Dentist@29. They appreciate Peter’s reassuring involvement throughout every stage of their appointment, ensuring that patients understand the planned treatment.

It is this level of customer care which instils confidence in all those registered with the practice, especially when it comes to the more surgical side of dentistry.

Great British Life: Peter YoungPeter Young (Image: Dentist@29)

Peter said: “I have been placing dental implants for 33 years and this includes hospital-based dental implant work, teaching and research.

"It’s intense work and attention to detail is essential. We are only as good as the last treatment we provided. There is no room for complacency in dentistry and implant treatment is no exception."

Peter’s team take great pride in their hard-earned reputation for a caring approach with excellent cosmetic long-term results and happy patients.

Great British Life:

Peter is regarded as an accomplished implant surgeon and was recognised in 2002 as a specialist in oral surgery by the General Dental Council.

A keen fly-fisherman, when he’s not working, Peter can be found on the banks of a secluded river or wading in saltwater. Recent trips include Greenland, Iceland, Denmark and Louisiana.

He started his Northwich practice over 33 years ago, and during the past three decades his professionalism has ensured that his practice is as highly regarded as any in the region. He has undergone training in implant dentistry in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Sweden.

Peter worked for 10 years at Manchester Dental Hospital in the implant clinic. Following six years’ study, teaching and research into implants and bone grafting, he was awarded his Doctorate (PhD) in Implantology and bone grafting, in the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery.  

Great British Life: At Dentist@29 they offer a wide range of dental treatments to ensure healthy teeth and a happy confident smile. Although Peter is known all over the North West for his specialist implant dentistry, he has also practiced general or routine dentistry from his practice in Northwich for the past 32 years. Many of Peter’s patients have been treated by him since he first opened the practice.

If you have a problem you’ve been putting off, come along to visit Peter and his team at Dentist@29 and they help to get you on the road to great dental health. 

Peter added: "We are here to help and we are passionate about what we do. We’re also very friendly and approachable, and we’d love to talk to you about improving your smile."

Address: 29 Castle Street, Northwhich, CW8 1BA

Tel: 01606 75615

Web: oralimplants.co.uk

E-mail: clinic@oralimplants.co.uk


Oral implants: Dr Young has placed over 4,000 oral implants

Bone grafts: Dr Young is highly experienced in bone grafting and has conducted over 3,000.

Apicectomies: Dr Young has performed a large number of apicectomies, accepting referral patients for this treatment.

Second opinion / expert opinion: Due to his wealth of experience and complexity of many of his treatments, Peter is happy to act as a second opinion if required.

Surgical extractions and wisdom tooth removal: Dr Young accepts referral cases for complex tooth extractions.