Building or renovating your home is an overwhelming process, and glazing can be a large part of that. That’s why SILKA has worked hard to curate a seamless and futureproof solution that combines strength, super-insulation and standout style.

SILKA is the crème de la crème of energy efficient aluminium windows and doors, offering ultra-low thermal performance that will put your home ahead of the curve.  But what do we mean by that?

Why Energy Efficiency Needs Your Attention

With a determined goal of achieving Net Zero carbon targets by 2025, the UK Government is undergoing the most significant overhaul of Building Regulations to date. This means every aspect of our lives – from electric cars, solar PV and battery storage to higher insulation levels and improved electrical performance – is currently under scrutiny.

Your journey to energy efficiency begins at home – and updating your windows and doors is one of the most effective ways to get on board with the global initiative to commit to a greener future. But the benefits don’t end there! The Net Zero Strategy also aims to reduce household heating bills by up to 20%, and decrease our dependency on foreign gases. That means the more energy efficient your windows and doors are, the more you’re likely to save, and the kinder to the planet you’ll be!

Great British Life:

Seeing Triple

The eighties saw single make way for double in the glazing world, and the twenty-twenties is when triple takes over the baton. Today’s home trends feature swathes of glazing (picture windows, sliding doors and rooflights as prime examples), but all that glass has implications when it comes to energy efficiency – because heat passes through it far easier than it would an insulated wall. This, coupled with the UK’s subsequently stringent Building Regulations, has forced the glazing industry to step up, and the result is better-performing products.

With the improved insulation that comes from having two pockets of gas or air instead of one, triple glazing goes some way to mitigate the heat loss/gain that comes with added glass: its added benefits include a 60% more energy efficient home, reduced cold spots and better comfort. It also means we can turn down the thermostat, and save some cash.

It didn’t go all the way, however, and that’s why SILKA created Thermafill® – an edge-to-edge, unique thermal barrier – which, when paired with triple glazed glass, offers top levels of thermal efficiency every day of the year.

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Style Meets Substance

Coupled with superior technical performance, the complete suite of SILKA Aluminium Windows and Doors – including Bifold, Lift & Slide, Patio and Entrance Doors – are revolutionising homes in Cheshire and beyond.

Aluminium offers the perfect combination of strength and security. Its robustness means SILKA can design wider and taller windows while keeping frames slim, creating beautiful products that seamlessly blend into any home design. SILKA Aluminium Windows and Doors can be matched to any RAL colour, and all frames are powder coated in a 60-microns thick fine textured finish called SILKtouch. This means frames feel smooth as SILKA, and stay cleaner longer.

When combined, everything in the SILKA range achieves the perfect blend of style and substance, delivering you a whole suite of glazing solutions that create a home of the future, while working seamlessly as one.

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