Laura Billington asks if anything says ‘I love you’ more than cheese, chocolates and flowers

Cheese, chocolate and flowers – three of my favourite things, so this Valentines Day I’m showing you how to create the Brie mine Valentines Sharing Board to share with your favourite person.


Cheshire Cheese Company Brie

2 tablespoons of your favourite jam

25g jazzles/chocolate buttons

4 chocolate dipped strawberries, using 150g melted chocolate

½ red apple sliced to form a heart

2 figs, halved

20g honey

60g your favourite crackers

115g fresh strawberries

115g fresh raspberries

5 Oreo cookies

Handful of pink bonbons

Sage/your favourite herbs to garnish

Great British Life: Will you brie mine? Photo: Laura BillingtonWill you brie mine? Photo: Laura Billington


If you can find a heart shaped board, this is perfect as it adds to the drama of the grazing board, if not any board will still look fabulous.

Start by making the chocolate dipped strawberries by simply melting the chocolate and dipping in the strawberries and allowing to cool on a piece of greaseproof paper.

Next, slice the top off the brie and, using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut a heart shape into the top slice.

Add raspberry or strawberry jam to the brie and add the lid back on the top, so you jam shows through the heart. Place on your board.

Next make a salami rose by folding the salami in half and repeating. Create a chain of salami and roll slowly, creating a rose. Add the salami to a small ramekin to keep in place.

Add the crackers by creating a ‘fan effect’ at the top of the board and place the honey and honey dipper on the board.

Arrange the chocolate dipped strawberries and remaining ingredients around your board.

Garnish with fresh herbs and roses (of course).

Remember you can add or remove any ingredients here. This board has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, but you could add more cheese, nuts or olives or make the board for your sweet toothed lover with melted chocolate instead of the cheese and salami.

Enjoy getting creative this Valentines season.

Laura Billington is a cookbook writer and founder of Graze Cheshire, where you’ll find recipes and grazing board inspiration for every occasion.

I: @grazecheshire