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Real Housewife of Cheshire Hanna Kinsella's February column

I am looking forward to some romance this month...
I am looking forward to some romance this month...

Our Real Housewife, Hanna Kinsella, talks love, health and getting into Harrods

He’s three!

It’s crazy how quickly the kids are growing up, I actually can’t believe Max is three this month. Where has that time gone?! I’m going to be throwing him a superheroes-themed party, which I know he’s going to love. He’s currently obsessed with Spiderman and all of the Marvel characters, likewise his little sister is now also obsessed with “ma-man” which is pretty hilarious, and just too adorable. I keep trying to buy her dolls and pretty unicorn toys but she’s not having any of it; she's looking to be more of a Harley Quinn than Barbie I would say, but I actually can’t argue with that!

Great British Life: Max is three this month!Max is three this month!

Kimia is trying to speak now and does come out with some really cute words. I feel like I’m through the toughest bit in terms of nappies, naps and bottles. My friends always said to me having two close together is really difficult for the first couple of years but then they become little friends and have each other for company which I’m really starting to see now.

Oh, the romance!

I love Valentines Day. I know it’s cheesy, but I do genuinely love it. I have no idea what Martin has got planned for this year, but he does usually do something pretty amazing. He’s a romantic at heart. Last year we went to Grantley Hall, in Yorkshire, which was just stunning so I’m hoping we will be doing something similar – although I’m trying not to have any expectation. I know, as an independent successful woman in my own right I can always take charge of Valentines Day, but there are some traditions I actually think I’m happier keeping! I’d be quite happy with a meal or something simple, it’s just so nice to have quality time. Ever since the kids have come along it is harder to make that time for each other. I think it’s super important though to reconnect and feel like yourselves and not “mum and dad” even if it’s just for a night or two!

The call of the year

Such an exciting time for my dental product brand Icy Bear Dental! We’ve had an incredible start to the year, we’ve launched four new products, got a new website and the team is growing. We’ve also just landed our FIRST ever retailer - Harrods!

Great British Life: Harrods will be stocking my Icy Bear range!Harrods will be stocking my Icy Bear range!

Yes, the most iconic high-end retailer in London will be carrying my brand. I am over the moon; I never dreamed I would create a product range that was going to be stocked in the most prestigious retailer in the world. When I got the call it was such a proud moment. I’m scheduled to go down to Harrods in London at the end of this month for the big launch and I cannot wait. Exciting times ahead!

Sticking with those resolutions

Great British Life: Our new ice bath has become part of our daily routineOur new ice bath has become part of our daily routine

At the I train twice a week with my personal trainer, Katie Grasby at Two for Nine Gym, in Altrincham. I absolutely love it as she keeps me accountable and she’s such a great trainer. In between seeing her I do try and do cardio when I can and I’ve just got myself a Peloton treadmill, as I’m determined this year to get my daily steps up, but we will see how that goes. We’ve also just bought a Lumi ice bath - since our retreat experience in Iceland both Martin and I are really into the whole cold plunge thing, so can’t wait to get into that in the mornings. As crazy as that sounds!


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