Nowruz Mobarak!

March is always an exciting time in the Persian community as it marks the first day of spring and therefore our Persian New Year - Norooz. This year the family and I will be attending a black-tie event at the Hilton in Manchester to celebrate. There’s usually lots of food, dancing and partying which I must say I look forward to every year! It’s always a great excuse to get glammed up; Persian ladies are generally very glamorous so everybody goes all out, I can’t wait!

Lulu the maltipoo

Lulu is getting spayed this month, bless her! A few of my friends were saying that I should breed her because she’s so small and so cute but the last thing I need is two toddlers, a dog and a pack of puppies running around! Could you imagine?! It would be awful! So no, she’s getting spayed and it’s definitely for the best.

Great British Life: Our gorgeous little LuluOur gorgeous little Lulu She’s such a gorgeous dog, we’ve been so lucky with her temperament and she’s great with the kids. I keep thinking she’s definitely going to get bigger but the vet says she is now fully grown! She’s now fully toilet trained too which is a bonus…just Kimia left to go now and finally my whole house will know how to use the toilet!

Another year older

This year I will be turning 36! My birthday is on March 30th, and I have no idea what we are going to do to celebrate. I’m hoping Martin whisks me away somewhere nice, although we are planning on maybe going to Dubai this month to visit my brother Camron who lives there.

I know so many people who are thinking about or have already moved to Dubai. I do love it there, it’s such a great holiday destination for families I feel. It’s really safe and there’s so much to do, lots of great restaurants and hotels, but also many activities for young kids too. Camron has lived there for nearly three years now and absolutely loves it, so it will be a great birthday treat to go and visit him there.

Work, work, work

I’ve been so focused on work recently; I’ve really delved into the role of CEO I feel. It’s the first time I haven’t had many distractions and I’m really starting to do a deep dive into the different aspects of my businesses.

Great British Life: I'm really focussing on learning the skills of a CEO right now, but juggling business and family life can be a challengeI'm really focussing on learning the skills of a CEO right now, but juggling business and family life can be a challenge I’m learning so much at the moment and gaining a deep understanding of how to utilise my teams' skills and how to navigate the businesses to where I want them to be. I still feel super-guilty from time to time - being a mum of two young kids as well as trying to build and sustain businesses is no easy task. I often wonder if I am seeing them enough? Am I present enough? Am I a good enough mother? But when all of these things get on top of me I just try and remember that everything I’m doing now is for their future and hopefully it will all pay off one day.