Graze Cheshire’s Laura Billington has your easy-to-follow guide on how to elevate your Easter gatherings with irresistible cheese boards and Easter grazing platters

As Easter approaches, consider taking your entertaining game to the next level by incorporating cheese boards and grazing platters on your menu. Grazing boards are an easy and fun way to cater for the smallest number of guests to the largest of gatherings, and, as they look so beautiful, bring spring sunshine to your table whatever the weather. Gather your favourite cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, and assorted accompaniments to not only showcase your culinary creativity but also provide a feast for the eyes and taste buds.


Begin by choosing your cheese. A diverse selection of cheeses will add interest, flavour and texture to any of your creations. Choose a wide selection, such as Brie, Cheddar, Cheshire, and hard cheese like Manchego or Gouda. Arrange them with a similar colour palette to create visual interest. I love to use cheese from The Cheshire Cheese Company, the cheese is locally made with locally sourced milk and I love the wide range of flavours that always sparks conversations on my boards.

Cured meats

Enhance your board by adding an array of cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and chorizo. These savoury meats add a depth of flavour that pairs exquisitely with the cheeses. I love to shop at The Smoke House, Wilmslow and add their salami, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Great British Life: A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds. Photo: Laura BillingtonA treat for the eyes and the tastebuds. Photo: Laura Billington

Fresh fruit and sweet boards

Balance the savoury of your creations with the sweetness of fresh fruits. Grapes, figs, and sliced apples not only provide a refreshing contrast but also add vibrant colours to your display. Or if you fancy a fruit platter only, shop for seasonal fruits and load the board to include honey, jams, or fruit preserves or even thick Greek yoghurt that will cut the sweetness and enhance every bite.

Artful creations

Presentation is key to wow your guests, but all that matters is that you love the ingredients on your board. Arrange the ingredients in an artful manner, creating a visually appealing meal. Consider incorporating fresh herbs, edible flowers, or even small bowls of olives to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Crackers and bread

Choose an assortment of crackers and bread to serve as the perfect carrier for your cheese and charcuterie. Choose a mix of plain and flavoured options to cater to different taste preferences.

Have fun getting creative this Easter with cheese boards and grazing platters. I’m sure your family and guests will thank you for the creative, relaxed and communal atmosphere. The beauty of catering this way lies in their adaptability, making them the perfect centrepiece for any occasion. So, let your creativity flow and watch as your guests indulge in the delightful creation you’ve curated for them.

Cheers to a memorable and delicious Easter celebration!

Laura Billington is a cookbook writer and founder of Graze Cheshire, where you’ll find recipes and grazing board inspiration for every occasion.

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