Nomas Gastrobar (formerly known as Ethos) on Macclesfield's bustling foodie high street, Chestergate, has undergone some eyebrow-raising changes to keep itself afloat during the most difficult financial times hospitality businesses have ever faced.

Owned by married couple Fey and Adonis Norouznia , Nomas Gastrobar opened during the pandemic and aimed to provide healthy, tasty and fresh vegan dishes. Adonis and Fey are both Greek, so they also introduced Greek specialities and influences through their menu.

Over the years, Nomas has amassed thousands of social media followers, built up a loyal customer base, and has been featured through the regional press. It’s safe to say Adonis and Fey had tried everything they could to keep the lights on, but there was one last option for them…

Great British Life: The new menu has been designed to save Adonis' business. Photo: Outsauced MediaThe new menu has been designed to save Adonis' business. Photo: Outsauced Media

Outside of the core vegan diners, Adonis had seen guests come in, be shown to their tables, and then leave when they realise it was a plant-based menu. With so many options on Chestergate for diners, the next (biggest step) Adonis and Fey could take was to introduce meat onto their own menu.

As you can probably imagine, this decision is not something that’s been taken lightly, and before long this news had travelled far and wide. The press caught wind and Adonis was featured up and down the country (and even in Australian news). He was interviewed by The Times, and featured on Sky News, BBC, Manchester Evening News, The Guardian, and The Metro. The vast majority of the coverage was positive, highlighting the current financial struggles faced by small business owners in hospitality, but this didn’t stop the most hardcore vegans from pushing negative, unpleasant opinions in. They had messages of hate and anger from people who hadn’t visited (and lived across the country, so had no intention of visiting anyway) and a bombardment of poor reviews online. We feel this was so terribly unjustified which is why we wanted to feature them in our Tasting Notes this month.

Great British Life: Breakfast bowl goodness. Photo: Outsauced MediaBreakfast bowl goodness. Photo: Outsauced Media

When we visited to try some of the new menu they told us they’ve been on the hunt for local, ethical farmers and are working with Brook Field Farmhouse for the majority of its meat products. Brook Field Farmhouse are another family-owned business operating in the Macclesfield area for over 40 years. Their farming methods are natural and sustainable and they align perfectly with Nomas Gastrobar.

Having now taken a thorough look (and taste) through their new menu we can honestly say Nomas’ core vegan customers have nothing to fear. The menu is still heavily plant-based, but they now have meat alternatives. This means that you’ll be able to bring your omnivorous friends on your visit to your fave vegan spot.

The menu feels slightly elevated and leans towards a more substantial well-rounded eatery. Somewhere you can visit for a quick coffee and sandwich or a full family meal. You’ll find freshly made smoothies and juices, home baked treats and cakes, beautiful brunch and breakfast dishes and then more substantial lunch options of burgers and pizzas. Traditional dishes like moussaka, gemista and shakshuka make their appearance too. We’re told there are plans for monthly supper clubs with live Greek music and special menus making their way to Macclesfield soon.

We’ve been lucky enough to visit Nomas on numerous occasions. We’ve watched them on their journey, fighting their way through adversities and setbacks, but now it finally feels like the waters have calmed. It’s time for a new chapter for them and their family and they deserve all of the support that we KNOW Macclesfield can show.

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