Cheshire Fashion Week is back in town, so book your place on the front row now.

Chester is set to become a fashion hub for the second year running, as designers from all over the world gather to showcase their latest creations at Cheshire Fashion Week 2024, sponsored by Porsche Chester.

The main focus of this year's event is sustainability, and features both established and emerging designers, all of whom champion sustainable fashion practices and are preparing to share their vision of sustainable fashion through their clothing designs.

The fashion week event aims to highlight Chester and Cheshire as a vibrant fashion destination while supporting Cheshire’s high streets and takes place from June 13-15, at various venues across Chester, with the main event taking place at Chester Cathedral on June 14, a ticketed catwalk show open to the public and family-friendly, promising to be a spectacular display of fashion.

Great British Life: Enjoy all the drama of the catwalk at Chester Cathedral. Photo: Cheshire Fashion WeekEnjoy all the drama of the catwalk at Chester Cathedral. Photo: Cheshire Fashion Week

Acclaimed UK designers including Elie Bahar Fashion Designer, Misty Couture, Doyenne The Label, Gemma Grao Artist, Aroma Staples, The Sensualist, Rafael Azevedo, Olivia Eden, and retail fashion house White Stuff will be showcasing their designs alongside an exciting line-up of international fashion designers, such as award-winning Irish designer Original Ireland, and Nigerian designers Ololade Atelier and Shawler Couture.

Cheshire Fashion Week founder and director Claire Namukolo Raven says: "Taking a sustainable approach to our summer shows has enabled us to attract a global audience, supported by the Porsche Chester sponsorship. We anticipate visitors not only from the North West at this year’s shows, but from Ireland, Nigeria and the United States, making this a truly international fashion event.

The various shows will highlight the latest fashion trends while also promoting sustainable fashion practices and supporting local businesses. When I first launched in 2019 one of my goals was to establish Chester as a premier fashion destination, and contribute to the One City Plan to boost Chester's retail, hospitality, and tourism sectors – and am so proud this is actually happening for this small but vibrant city.

Great British Life: Chester Cathedral makes a dramatic setting for Cheshire Fashion Week. Photo: Cheshire Fashion WeekChester Cathedral makes a dramatic setting for Cheshire Fashion Week. Photo: Cheshire Fashion Week

“The whole week is just fabulous. It’s an immense amount of work, but it’s worth every moment as there is such a buzz at every show and every event, with the designers and models and makeup artists, the music and the photographers - and the audience having a really unique experience, of course, getting to see designers they’d not usually be exposed to and, of course, the many photo opportunities with Porsche cars on display by Porsche Chester.”

This year's fashion event is set to be an additionally grand affair with the launch of the first edition of the Fashion Week Awards, which aim to recognise and appreciate the exceptional talent in the fashion and creative industries.

“It's a great opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills and be acknowledged for their hard work,” Claire adds. “I literally cannot wait for it all to start.”