A Cornwall beach has been named among the best-kept secrets in the UK and a quieter alternative to more busier coastline spots.

Pedn Vounder has been featured in a new list from the Telegraph, going through the best options for those wanting to avoid the UK's busiest beaches this summer.

The Telegraph says: "So before you resign yourself to spending the busiest days of the summer at home, pack up the cool bag, grab the bucket and spade and make a break for one of these appealing alternatives just a pebble’s throw from the crowded big hitters."

Pedn Vounder is seen as a more peaceful option compared to the nearby juggernaut of Porthcurno.

Great British Life: Pedn Vounder has been described as a 'gorgeous' beach by many reviewersPedn Vounder has been described as a 'gorgeous' beach by many reviewers (Image: @745rachelm/Tripadvisor)

To see the full list of the best secret beaches in the UK visit the Telegraph website here.

What did The Telegraph say about Pedn Vounder?

The Telegraph was complimentary about Pedn Vounder, praising it for its white sandy beach and "sparkling celeste waters".

They said: "In Cornwall’s far west, Porthcurno is a picture-postcard beach with its own amphitheatre, the Minack, but you’ll struggle for space on a sunny day.

"Pedn Vounder, near the village of Treen, may have turned a few heads recently thanks to its sparkling celeste waters and white sandy beach backed by rugged rocks, but it remains considerably quieter.

"There’s a reason for this: you must climb down those rocks to reach it, so wear appropriate footwear."

Pedn Voudner has also been well-received on Tripadvisor, with it earning a 4.5/5 score from 29 ratings.

One reviewer posted: "The most gorgeous beach I have ever visited! So quiet despite going in July on a sunny day.

"We checked tide times and wore appropriate clothing before hand which is a definite must if wanting to visit this beach. Access would be impossible if not in correct footwear or not physically fit."

Another put: "Beautiful unspoiled beach, much quieter than other beaches because it is not easy to get to - the last bit requires you to climb, literally, holding on with both hands, face to the rock and being very careful not to slip or you risk falling 5 or 6 meters onto hard rock.

"Proper shoes are a must, plus a rucksack with your stuff, you don’t want anything in your hands. It’s not suitable for young children for this reason."

It is also noted by a few of the reviewers that Pedn Vounder is a nudist beach.