We may be stuck indoors and the clubs and gyms may be shut for now, but we can all still stay active and healthy.

Around the world the one thing we share, no matter where we live or what culture we come from, is an innate love of dancing. As we know from records of paintings in caves, even our ancient ancestors felt the desire to move, so perhaps dancing has even been written into our DNA.

Without a doubt there is something very powerful about the ability to freely let your muscles glide into poses that can convey emotions, thoughts and beliefs without using any words. It is well-known that by allowing your body to move whilst feeling enchanted by the music can be a therapy of its own – even if you move out of rhythm or dance to your own beat. Dancing releases those feel-good endorphins into your bloodstream whilst reducing your stress levels – basically guaranteeing that you’ll leave the dance floor feeling more uplifted and energetic.

The best part is anyone from any ability can reap the physical and emotional benefits of dance because it is not about perfection, but all about enjoyment and expression along the way.

Lucky for us, dance is also not just done one way, but instead comes in so many forms that you are bound to find a style that resonates with you. Whether you fancy jazz, tap, ballroom, ballet, contemporary or a mix of everything, there is so much opportunity to experiment and even come up with your own style of dance.

The secret behind choosing a good fitness routine is by finding an exercise that you thoroughly enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like exercising at all – and that is exactly what dancing can ultimately offer you.

It appears that a lot of us will be indoors for the forseebale future, so we’ve found some videos of varying difficulties to help all the family dance and stay fit at home.

British Heart Foundation - 10 minute living room workout

This short ten minute workout made the British Heart Foundation is very simple but gives you a good way of keeping active while you are indoors.

Exercise videos by the BHF

At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine by PsycheTruth

Comfort eating and staying dormant indoors isn’t going to do do your waistline any favours, so this low impact routine is easy to follow.

Psychetruth’s Youtube channel

Dance to Burn Fat by Danielle Peazer

Ramping the intensivity up a notch, this video will give a workout as good as any that you would have found at the gym.

Playlist of Danielle Peazer videos

Latin Dance Workout For Your Living Room by POPSUGAR FITNESS

The tagline is ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ and you really embrace this notion at home. This is fun and intense and the music is great.

Popsugar’s Channel

Jane Fonda - Fat-Burning Cardio Dance Workout

This video is from a few years ago, but Jane Fonda was in her mid-seventies when she made this and she’s still going strong today!

Playlist of Jane Fonda videos

P.E with Joe Wicks

The kids will also need to keep indoors if all the park and open spaces are unavailable at the moment. Youtube star Joe Wicks is hosting a daily PE class for the nations’s school children at 9am. There isn’t any music, but it’s great fun for all the family.

Joe’s Youtube channel


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