Whether you’re the landlord of several commercial buildings, a tenant facing a lease renewal or preparing your premises for a sale, Lockhart & Lockhart provide professional, attentive advice. 

As a co-partner and founding member of Whitmarsh & Lockhart, James Lockhart draws upon a vast wealth of experience when advising clients on commercial property matters. With 40 years of specialist knowledge and an extensive network of contacts, Lockhart & Lockhart pride themselves on clarifying the complexities of commercial property dealings. 

We spoke to James and Anna Lockhart about their specialties, their extensive range of services and how they build close relationships with their clients. 

Professional expertise and client care 

Having met for the first time at the tender age of 11, Anna and James know the value of perseverance and patience within professional and personal dealings. The depth of prior experience within their respective fields has instilled a truly comprehensive approach to their business.  

Anna’s expertise as a sales and marketing specialist covers an expansive variety of sectors, and James brings an encyclopaedic knowledge of the commercial property market. In leading international roles at the Royal Aeronautical Society and other prestigious organisations, Anna brings her own extensive specialties to ensure clients have a smooth, enjoyable experience.  

“Having gained essential experience within process management, marketing and sales across a variety of sectors, I ensure that our services remain on a sound financial footing at all times,” explains Anna. “By utilising creative research and a systematic, logical approach to overseeing bookkeeping, accountants and marketing agencies, I ensure that the logistical side of moving premises runs smoothly. 

“From providing expert advice during court proceedings to keeping clients up to date on relevant legislative changes, James is exceptionally well-equipped to guide you through the murky waters of commercial property moves. Increasing regulation within commercial property can affect portfolios and lead to changes within a landlord and tenant dynamic. 

“James brings a vast and varied skill set honed over decades of guiding parties through intensive, complicated procedures. In the event that arbitration or an expert witness is required, James can accompany you every step of the way.” 

A premium service 

Whether you’re a landlord, a tenant or in need of a proven agent to oversee a sale, Lockhart & Lockhart have a range of tailored services to suit your specific requirements. Owning a commercial property comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you have a portfolio of buildings to manage.  

Inspections of your premises and carrying out a measured survey, representing you in negotiations with the tenant and reviews of your current lease are all tasks that James is more than equipped to complete. “Alongside the prospective difficulties that ownership can bring, there are often plenty of opportunities if one stays abreast of legislative changes,” reveals James. 

“Part of our package for landlords includes assisting solicitors with the wording of the new lease at renewal – particularly in regard to rent reviews, clauses, user provisions and other crucial factors. This will ensure that your new lease is fully optimised for your respective properties. If the tenant decides to leave at the end of the tenancy term, we can handle the marketing and sale process of the premises for you.” 

Lockhart & Lockhart are more than happy to provide expertise and represent each side of the commercial property market. Their specialised solutions for tenants can help reduce the landlord’s initial proposal, examine the leases for assumptions and oversights, as well as advising on the content of Section 26 notices and other technical documents. 

“Tenants often find themselves faced with complex decisions with potentially legal ramifications,” says James. “It can be very difficult to make headway on these matters without the guidance of a professional, and we pride ourselves on providing you with all of the key information and representing you in negotiations if need be.” 

Great British Life:

Building for the future 

Rather than aiming to expand their client base as quickly as possible, Anna and James both wish to grow alongside their clients and establish working relationships that last for many years. Helping those in need of a steady hand and a keen eye for details is a real passion for both of them, and they’ve even decided to establish a charitable side to their business. 

“As well as maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, we aim to pull away from a strictly financially driven measurement of success,” Anna tells us. “We want to align our success with that of the community – which is why 10% of all our profits will be donated to Parkinsons UK this year, a cause very near and dear to our hearts. 

“Helping members of our community in any way we can is a major objective for us, and we hope to make a difference both for our clients and the wider community.” 

To find out more about their wide array of services, visit lockhart-lockhart.com or call 07990 515785.