Your episode-by-episode guide to Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen

Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen starts on Saturday, February 24 at 11.40am on ITV1 and ITVX, continuing for 10 weeks.

In this new series, Prue opens the doors to her Cotswold Kitchen, sharing cherished recipes, tips, and handy culinary hacks. Joined by her husband John and a cast of special friends, including Sandi Toksvig, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Alison Hammond, and chef Tommy Banks, each episode is a unique culinary adventure. Beyond the kitchen, Prue celebrates her personal food heroes both locally and beyond... and husband John gets to grips with a varied mix of country activities on offer in the Cotswolds.

The series is a celebration of food, friendship and fun – with easy-to-cook recipes for every occasion. Sounds good to us, so what’s on offer each week?

Here’s all you need to know:

Great British Life: Prue Leith will be sharing her Cotswold kitchen with friends in her new TV seriesPrue Leith will be sharing her Cotswold kitchen with friends in her new TV series (Image:
Episode 1 - February 24
Sandi Toksvig
In this episode, Prue welcomes her good friend, Sandi Toksvig into her Cotswold Kitchen, where history buff Sandi cooks two dishes from the 1920s. The first dish is a ham and egg pie written by Enid Blyton, followed by meatless sausage – with instructions and measurements rather vague, will the dishes turn out OK? Prue also makes a vegan dish that was her late brother’s favourite, and her husband John joins her in the kitchen to make his signature homemade yoghurt. Prue shows how, with a bit of imagination, yoghurt is transformed from a breakfast staple into a dinner party dessert. Plus, there’s a handy hack for cooking the perfect steak, and John heads outside with Philippa the gardener to make a stunning countryside wreath.

Episode 2 - March 2
Alison Hammond
Prue cooks a range of recipes perfect for entertaining guests, before welcoming Alison Hammond into her kitchen where the pair make something sweet together. In a bid to prove the ingredient’s versatility, Prue cooks two recipes using watermelon in unusual ways. For quick and delicious party food, both sweet and savoury, Prue utilises a pre-made shop-bought ingredient. John visits a farm to see how local sheep dogs are trained, and we hear from a group of friends about how they produce smoked salmon using age-old techniques.

Episode 3 - March 9
Ellie Simmonds
On March 9, Prue welcomes five-time Paralympic swimming gold medallist Ellie Simmonds into her kitchen. Ellie cooks what she calls “heaven on a plate”, banana bread with chocolate chips. Prue takes a trip down memory lane with an old favourite from her South African childhood: Babotie made with curried meat and fruit. Husband John heads to a local cheesemaker to sample some of their produce, and joins Prue back in the kitchen where she makes brie and blackberries with chilli jelly on soda bread. Prue shares her handy hack for making paté using store-cupboard ingredients, and has a simple method to make a Normandy Tart. A husband-and-wife Pembrokeshire team who grow chillies are this week’s food heroes.

Episode 4 - March 16
Henry Dimbleby
Prue is joined in the kitchen by food campaigner and author Henry Dimbleby. As well as showing her how to make a one-pot veggie dish – Black Bean Shakshuka – he’ll be lifting the lid on the school dinner revolution he’s been leading. We hear from children in one of the schools benefiting from the scheme, which places chefs who normally work at high-end restaurants, in school kitchens instead. Meanwhile husband John is dispatched to catch dinner, as he tries his hand netting trout at a nearby fish farm. As always, Prue has some handy hacks she’s keen to share – a simple homemade guacamole and tortilla chips from shop-bought wraps. After John laments the lack of cakes being made at home, Prue digs out her whisk, and has a go at an Orange and Polenta Upside Down Cake. And after he returns from trying to catch dinner, John tries his hand at a herb garden vodka and tonic cocktail. Served alongside her kale crisps and bulgur-wheat salad, will it get Prue’s seal of approval?

Episode 5 - March 23
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
In this episode, celebrated fashion designer and presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen drops by for lunch and turns Prue’s kitchen into an art gallery with a display of his latest collection of paintings, while extoling the joys of appearing on the cover of Cotswold Life magazine. But what will someone who confesses to never cooking arrive at the table with? Meanwhile, John heads out into the grounds to plant a tree he hopes will stand for generations. Always one to mix things up in the kitchen, Prue decides to make a chocolate mousse cake – with the addition of pink peppercorns. Her handy hacks this week include turning carrot tops into a delicious pesto, and showing how you can add a dashing splash of colour to an otherwise ordinary looking meringue. We meet a Cotswold-based food producer who’s taking on – and beating – the Europeans at charcuterie. Prue and John want to use some of his salami and sausage in their dinner – but how well will it work when you’re producing your own pizza, and doing the whole thing from scratch?

Great British Life: Prue Leith in her Cotswold kitchenPrue Leith in her Cotswold kitchen (Image:
Episode 6 - March 30
Tommy Banks
Prue is joined by chef Tommy Banks who owns two Michelin-starred restaurants in North Yorkshire. He cooks home reared Hogget (lamb aged one-to-two) with faggots, greens & pesto. Prue makes eye-catching two-tone soups guaranteed to impress at a dinner party. Also, on the menu today, with her husband John in the kitchen as reluctant commis chef, Prue makes a delicious galette with goat curd and roasted tomatoes. Prue’s husband John heads outside to lay a camera trap to find out what wildlife they have on the farm. Plus, Prue’s handy hack to make cakes with an unexpected ingredient.

Episode 7 - April 6
YolanDa Brown
In this episode Prue rustles up a classic French stew and is joined in the kitchen by award winning musician and upcoming restaurateur, YolanDa Brown. YolanDa cooks her daughters Smoked Salmon Pasta for Prue while they chat about music and YolanDa’s new restaurant venture. Prue adds a touch of culinary wisdom with some handy hacks this week – getting the most out of a lime and melting chocolate without burning it! Meanwhile, local conservationist Jimmi Hill enlightens John about owls as they inspect the garden's bird boxes. Prue guides John as they whip up a quick yet delicious classic boozy dessert.

Episode 8 - April 13
Laura Jackson
Prue is joined by broadcaster Laura Jackson, who shows her how to create her favourite quick family dish, Chickpea & Tomato Bake with Green Sauce & Garlic Mayonnaise. Prue makes a delicious dessert with quick no-churn ice cream and unveils two surprising kitchen hacks: preventing brown sugar from hardening and the easiest way to strip herbs from stems. As the kitchen bustles with activity, Prue’s husband John dons his beekeeping attire, teaming up with local bee expert Tony Yarrow. Together they visit the hives in the garden while Prue bakes a surprise for them both. Our local food hero this week is a supplier who provides locally sourced ingredients to the Cotswold community. Later in the kitchen Prue whips up two variations of a goat’s cheese canapé, accompanied by John’s wine choice and a twist on a traditional cocktail.

Episode 9 - April 20
Sarah Raven
In this episode, Prue is joined by cook, teacher and top gardener, Sarah Raven who impresses Prue with her innovative garden tempura dish. Prue introduces us to one of her favourite, although slightly unusual, recipes - Mackerel with roasted strawberries and tomatoes. Husband John, with the help of head gardener Philippa, harvest homegrown salad while Prue introduces us to a fool proof method of making the perfect salad dressing every time. This week’s food hero is Richard Smith – manager for a local organic farm. And back in the kitchen Prue teaches husband John how to cook one of his most loved dishes while John shakes up a spicy margarita cocktail.

Episode 10 - April 27
Ruth Davidson
Inspired by her love for travelling Prue cooks a classic Colombian dish and is joined in her kitchen for a catch-up by former Scottish conservative leader Baroness Ruth Davidson. Prue’s husband John turns his hand to a new hobby and joins Prue in the kitchen to help her bake soufflés.

Great British Life: Prue Leith's Cotswold KitchenPrue Leith's Cotswold Kitchen (Image: