In 1982, Simon Mapp envisioned a space where everything required for a creating the ideal home could be found. 

Carpetwise, the company Simon founded, has grown to become one of the Midlands’ leading specialists in carpets, hard floor coverings, rugs, curtains and more. In recent years, the company have incorporated Curtainwise and Furniturewise into their identity to showcase their in-depth knowledge of homeware. 

Their base in Stratford-upon-Avon stocks a variety of highly respected brands including Cormar Carpets, Associated Weavers and Harlequin. As a family-run business to this day, the Mapps family imbue their environment and practices with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere towards customers and staff.  

Below, Kieran Mapp, a director of Carpetwise, tells us all about their ethos, services and products, as well as what makes them a premier location for everything home-based. 

Great British Life:

Q: What are the main factors in the continued success of Carpetwise? 

A: Alongside maintaining our professionalism in all aspects of the business, we always want visitors to our store to feel welcome. Whether you’re just popping in for a browse, looking for something specific or need to ask a few questions, our brilliant team are always available. 

Our bond with the local community has remained strong throughout the decades. Our commitment to carrying fittings in a timely, professional manner as well as supplying top-quality products has kept us in a very good standing with local customers. We work closely with local charities and undertake large projects in the area – most recently in the new residential development Arden Quarter. 

If customers are in the store for a significant amount of time, we always offer teas or coffees and go above and beyond for them. This has been our ethos ever since we opened our doors, and it extends across the board. We have a specialised fitting warehouse offsite to ensure a minimum of disturbance to customers - our fitters have decades of experience under their belts and contribute enormously to our prosperity. 

Q: What sets your range of products and services apart? 

A: We’ve been trading for over 40 years, honing our comprehensive expertise of soft furnishings, carpets and curtains. We know how to get our hands on practically every item that our customers request, and if we don’t have a specific item in stock, we have an extensive list of contacts who can point us in the right direction. 

Our stock comprises natural and synthetic carpets, readymade and made to order curtains, fabric sofas and chairs, as well as a selection of hard flooring. We also have a fantastic range of home accessories to browse – from bold, abstract rugs to luxurious traditional styles, artistic vases and lamps, as well as a full range of bedding including anti-allergy duvets and king-sized mattress protectors. 

The floor fitting service we provide has been a cornerstone of our company since our inception. We always ensure that the process meets the expectations of our customers, and the product is suited to their specific needs. A family home with several pets will require flooring very different from that of a couple’s flat. The fitting team undertake their projects with professionalism and care for our customers' homes. 

Great British Life:

Q: How would you describe your company ethos? 

A: It may be surprising to hear this, but I really enjoy working with my family! We’re a very close-knit, easygoing group and we try our utmost to include our team in that as well. Many of our staff across the departments have been with us since the beginning, and each member is genuinely regarded as one of the family. 

This approach applies to our customers as well. There is always someone on hand to assist you, whether you’re looking for some advice on selecting a new rug or thinking of replacing your flooring. We’re always happy to assist our customers in creating their dream home! 

To browse their selection or to enquire about their fitting service, visit or call 01789 299446.