Guy Singh-Watson, founder of Riverford Organic Farmers, describes his love for Devon's rural landscape and the lure of the ocean.

Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do in the county.

I'm a farmer on a good day. As the business has grown over 40 years from me in a wheelbarrow to 100 million pound business with 1000 co-owners and 100,000 customers inevitably I spend more time in the office dealing with all the structures, systems, meetings; they are unavoidable. Having handed over control and ownership of the business to the co-owners I plan to get back to the fields more where I am happiest and at my best.

Where in Devon do you live?

About three miles from where I was born. Why move from what you love?

How long have you been here and what brought you here?

Pretty much all my life. I did get away for a couple of years to London and New York but it just wasn't me. So I guess you could say it was a twinkle in my father's eye that brought me here but I'd rather not think about the details.

What's the best thing about living in Devon?

That would be our hedges and green lanes which harbour so much history, beauty and untold stories. I love the mixed farming, the old ancient oaks and the moors. I've always loved the sea, particularly sailing and surfing, so Devon is just about perfect for me, especially in winter when it's quiet and a big southwesterly swell is running.

And the worst?

That would be the tourists and trying to get to the beach on a busy bank holiday, fighting your way through the lanes and down-from-towners with no idea of the width of their car. Then again, we are all tourists sometimes and I probably should be more tolerant. A long wet winter with the associated mud and grey leaden skies can sometimes be a challenge.

Describe your ideal day out in Devon

A morning spent picking artichokes on my own followed by a surf with my two sons followed by cooking supper from vegetables I've grown myself and sharing it with my wife Geetie and loved ones.

Great British Life: Guy Singh-Watson. Photo: RiverfordGuy Singh-Watson. Photo: Riverford

What is your favourite Devon journey, by any mode of transport?

Rowing down from Totnes, swept on by a falling spring tide to pick up cockles and clams at low tide before riding the incoming tide home to cook a chowder or vongole for friends. Everyone should question whether their journey is really necessary before getting in a car and subjecting their fellows to the pollution and infringements that come with our freedoms. Can that journey be shared or made less frequent? Traffic - not people - is killing the Devon that we all love and we must all take responsibility for our share of it.

What is your favourite view in the county?

Looking down a valley near East Prawle to see the horizon nestled between interlocking hills with vetch and thrift at my feet and the sun setting over Bolt Tail.

What is your favourite month to be in Devon?

May, when the hedges and lanes are at their best with a riot of colour from the campion, stitchwort, bluebells and the first foxgloves. The coast path is also particularly beautiful at that time of year with umbellifers emerging, thrift, vetches, buttercups and sorrel in flower.

What gift from Devon would you give to a friend?

That would have to be a jar of my home-preserved artichokes. I haven't killed anyone with botulism yet!

What three words best describe Devon?

Soft. Comfortable. Home.