The New Forest has been included in a list of the world's most beautiful locations to visit according to Time Out.

A list of 30 spots was chosen by the brand's "globetrotting travel writers" who had "personally experienced the beauty of every place" included.

Alongside the New Forest spots such as Mont-Saint-Michel in France and Paradise Bay in Antarctica were featured by the writers.

The full list of 30 locations can be seen on the Time Out website here.

Great British Life: Many people visit the New Forest every year for its numerous trailsMany people visit the New Forest every year for its numerous trails (Image: Michael Driscoll)

What did Time Out have to say about the New Forest?

The Time Out writer Antonia Windsor was very complimentary about the New Forest, describing it as having "anachronistic beauty".

She wrote: "There aren’t many places where you’ll be startled by a pony or donkey stepping into the road, but that’s the anachronistic beauty of the New Forest in the south of England.

"This ancient woodland was given its name by William the Conqueror more than 900 years ago.

"If you choose to visit in the autumn, when the heath is purple with heather, you may find pigs guzzling acorns on the forest floor (they’re sent to protect the delicate stomachs of the 5,000 free-roaming ponies).

"Perhaps that’s where the famous Pig restaurant and hotel got its name – do pop in for pork scratchings and a pint."

Great British Life: The New Forest is very diverse with its wildlifeThe New Forest is very diverse with its wildlife (Image: Tim Kitts)

The New Forest National Park as a whole is considered to be a very important natural area in the UK, making up one of its 14 national parks.

Its biodiversity, cultural heritage and unique history make it a very special location for many to take a trip out to.

For those interested in visiting there is a lot to take in with the landscape and it offers plenty of opportunities for recreational activity.

From walking, horse-riding, sightseeing, cycling and more there's lots to do.