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How stone feature walls can refresh your interior

stoneCIRCLE create breath-taking feature walls from a variety of natural stones. <i>(Image: stoneCIRCLE)</i>
stoneCIRCLE create breath-taking feature walls from a variety of natural stones. (Image: stoneCIRCLE)

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or looking for an attractive style for your living room walls, feature walls are a must-have. 

Granite, marble, onyx, travertine and many other stones can make the perfect feature wall. Alongside the materials, there are plenty of styles and colours to choose from. The natural pinkish hues of a granite wall are perfect for catching the eyes of guests, or perhaps the smooth sleekness of pale marble suits your taste. 

Below, Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke, discusses the benefits of implementing feature walls and how they can rejuvenate your space.  

Great British Life: Bring the most out of your bathroom 

For creating an elegant wet room or bathroom, marble is the time-honoured, classical choice. As well as its stylistic advantages, marble has a number of practical elements that make it perfect for bathrooms. It is naturally water-resistant, a long-lasting material and requires very little maintenance – as long as you avoid acidic spills and avoiding abrasive cleaning products. 

Walk-in showers and wet rooms have increased in popularity over recent years, so there are plenty of options for creating a luxurious atmosphere. Bookmatched marble on your shower wall creates a particularly striking effect, as the design is uniquely uniform. Utilising the same type of marble for your floor tiling, basin and shower top produces a wonderful, consistent finish.  

Selecting a creamy shade such as Crema Marfil infuses the space with a cosy and intimate aesthetic, particularly if you use the same style for all your bathroom features. Alternatively, installing a contrasting marble creates a truly stunning effect. For example, teaming Calcatta Vagli white marble with Nero Marquina dark marble to showcase their contrasting beauty. 

Maximise your living space 

Your living room should reflect your own sense of style and taste. Breathtaking feature walls help you divide the space, and stamps your personal touch within your home. A broad, double-sided contemporary fireplace makes for a fantastic feature wall – it separates your living room from the kitchen whilst creating an eye-catching piece of architecture. 

Neolith Iron Moss granite is an excellent choice for ensuring the durability of your feature wall. Granite is a scratch resistant, non-porous natural stone that is available in a variety of colours. Iron Moss is a sleek, stylish grey colour that comes in thick slabs – ideal for creating a contemporary living room feature. 

Great British Life: Modern technology and timeless techniques 

The process that brings natural stone from the quarry to your home has not changed much for many years. The machinery and technology, on the other hand, has changed quite dramatically. For stonemasons, hand-based skills are just as important as ever – but the majority of stoneCIRCLE’s machines are computer numerically controlled (CNC), enabling far greater accuracy for computer-aided design and digital templating. 

Whilst stone cutting techniques has experienced great advances, a human touch is still required to create a truly stunning finish. The combination of cutting-edge tech and the creativity of stonemasons infuses every stone product with its own character. This is especially important to bear in mind when selecting the stone you’d like for your feature wall. 

Whether you’re after durability and a sleek finish or a remarkable bookmatched marble wall, stoneCIRCLE’s experts can create the ideal product for your home. 

For more information, visit or call 0125 685 0380. 


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