From earthy tones to stunning sea greens, combining the right colours with your stone surfaces can take your interior to a whole new level.

Colour experts have been naming their colour of the year for 2024, and it appears that nature-inspired shades will be taking the top spot. Terracotta, rich greens and coastal-inspired blues evoke the beauty of the natural world in your home. 

We chat to Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke, about this year’s top colour shades and how to match your stone surfaces with the rest of your interior colour palette.

Great British Life:

Limitless - Glidden

If you’re searching for a warm, welcoming hue that radiates comfort, Limitless by Glidden brings a soft glow to your interiors. Painting your cupboards and drawers in this warm shade can accentuate the natural, earthy hues of your floor or wall tiles.

“Travertine is perfect for use as kitchen floor and wall tiles,” reveals Steve. “and it comes in different shades of warm beige, brown and yellow. This makes it ideal for a kitchen painted with Limitless – the natural earthy tones blend really well with the cheerful shade.”

Combining these gorgeous shades can breathe life into your home, particularly in rooms that have an abundance of natural light. Adding a splash of this light warm hue into rooms with similarly coloured stones will help give your home a nurturing, relaxing atmosphere. 

Great British Life:

Thermal – C2

C2’s colour of the year is truly reminiscent of a crisp morning sky and the vastness of blue – Thermal works exceptionally well in large spaces. A bright, calming shade of blue that restores the mood and evokes a contemplative sense of peace, liberally applying Thermal in your kitchen or dining room makes them even more comforting.

“Thermal is a beautiful shade that reminds me of a clear blue sky,” adds Steve. “A polished granite worktop in shades of light grey and white can add another dimension to your interior – making a contrast with the blue which is reminiscent of clouds in the sky. 

“Alternatively a pure white quartz, or one in a marble imitation, will also fit well with this trend.”

There are plenty of stone options that will match with a light blue interior – our experienced sales team can help suggest options that suit your taste and budget. 

Blue Nova – Benjamin Moore

Perhaps the finest example of balancing modern and traditional home interior styles, Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore is a rich, grounded hue. An alluring mid-tone blue that complements a range of accompanying colours reflecting the blend of modern and traditional – creamy greys, deep greens and muted orange.

“If you prefer a darker blue, consider pairing Blue Nova with a white or grey quartz,” shares Steve. “The lighter stones will contrast beautifully with the rich shade of this colour, reminiscent of a stormy sea. Or for a bolder look pick a granite that includes green or orange tones.”

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