So you think you know your county? Take our New Year quiz and put that local knowledge to the test | Words: Adam Jacot de Boinod

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1. What features on the Kent county flag?

2. In the Kent dialect a ‘doxey’ is a young lady off ill repute, but what is a ‘besom’?

3. Why is Kent called Invicta?

4. Can you name a place in Kent starting with the letter I?

5. What is the county flower of Kent?

6. Which is the largest town in the county by population?

7. In which decade was the QEII Bridge opened at the Dartford Crossing?

8. Which famous World War Two

film features The Jackdaw Inn in Denton?

9. For what were the Martello Towers originally built?

10. Which brewery is based in Faversham and is the oldest in Britain, founded in 1698?

11. Who was the Member of Parliament for Maidstone from 1987 to 2010?

12. Which A road takes you from Royal Tunbridge Wells to Hastings?

13. In 1999 Europe’s largest shopping centre was in Kent and was called what?

14. Can you name both of Kent’s rivers that begin with the letter D?

15. What is the canal called between Strood and Gravesend?

16. When is the county day of Kent?

17. Can you name either of the two county districts starting with the letter M?

18. What new station for the Channel Tunnel opened between Dartford and Gravesend?

19. Which central Cinque Port lies between Hastings and New Romney to the west, and Dover and Sandwich to the east?

20. What is the Christian name of the current Duke of Kent?

21. What is the name of the private zoo set up by John Aspinall in 1957?

22. Which isle lies at the most easterly point of the county?

23. In the Kent dialect what would

you be eating if you had ’orts’ or ‘ertsies’?

24. Which is the county’s highest ranked football team?

25. In which borough are the villages Brook, Charing, Ebony, Molash and Sellindge?

26. Where in the county has played host to a number of national and international motor racing events?

27. Which Canterbury born star reached fame playing an elf?

28. The M20 links London with which Kent town?

29. Which visitor attraction is the Fell Bell pub home to?

30. What is the county town of Kent?

31. What are the names of Kent’s three countywide radio stations?

32.What is the name of the peninsula that separates the estuaries of the Thames and Medway?

33. What is the new name for Church Marshes Country Park?

34. What is the name of the popular cycling route between Canterbury and Whitstable?

35. Where in the county is there an arboretum?

36. What is the name of the Edwardian Estate located at Ide Hill near Sevenoaks?

37. Which house outside Sevenoaks belongs to the Sackville-West family?

38. Which castle was the seat of the Boleyn family between 1462 and 1539?

39. Can you name a place in Kent starting with the letter U?

40. Where is the Kent Music Summer School held?

41. What is the canal called between Hythe and Rye?

42. What is the name of the wetland area uniting Kent and East Sussex?

43. Where in the county is listed as a UN World Heritage Site?

44. In 1875 Matthew Webb swam across the English Channel by diving off which town’s Admiralty Pier?

45. What is the name of Kent’s largest theatre, based in Canterbury?

46. Can you name either of the two county districts starting with the letter D?

47. Born in Kent, who first introduced the printing press to England?

48. Which historic location was used in Children of Men, The World is Not Enough and The Mummy?

49. In the Kent dialect a ’face-catcher’ is a stag beetle that at dusk flies at face height but what animal is a ’brimp’?

50. Which A road takes you from Canterbury to Dover?

51. How many motorways run through Kent?

52. How many MPs represent Kent: more or less than 15?

53. Name Kent’s two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

54. By what other name is Kent often referred to?

55. What top-selling beer was made by Shepherd Neame to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War Two?

56. What are Kent’s distinctive hop-drying buildings called?

57. Can you name the county district starting with the letter A?

58. How many universities are there in the county?

59. What was the name of the 5000 flying bombs that hit London and the county in World War Two?

60. What number bus passed the house of Ian Fleming outside Canterbury?

61. Of which nut is Kent the main producer?

62. Rochester is involved with the design and construction of which form of transport?

63. In the Kent dialect what sort of child is a ‘frigger’?

64. Can you name a place in Kent starting with the letter O?

65. What profession occurred at Chislet, Tilmanstone, Betteshanger, and Snowdown?

66. What are you called if you are born east of the river Medway?

67. What are you called if you are born west of the river Medway?

68. Who is the first ever Labour MP to hold the seat of Canterbury?

69. Which headland is home to a power station?

70. Can you name either of the two county districts starting with the letter S?

71. As well as chalk, horizontal bands of which dark-coloured rock feature on the White Cliffs of Dover?

72. Do the North Downs and the High Weald constitute more or less than 30% of Kent’s land mass?

73. In the Kent dialect a ’jawsy’ is a chatterbox but what is a ’ponto’?

74. Which artillery fort was constructed by Henry VIII?

75. What annual world championships are played at Coxheath?

76. Around which Kent town are the stories of the fictional character Dr. Syn set?

77. Kits Coty are standing stones set in which Kent Borough?

78. Who was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170?

79. Does Kent have more or less than 25 castles?

80. Which Canterbury pub was previously called Simple Simon’s?

81. Which A road takes you from Chestfield to Ramsgate?

82. Which Nobel Prize winner taught at Maidstone Grammar School between 1938 and 1940?

83. What two stops run between Hythe and Dungeness on the famous old railway line?

84. Which is England’s second oldest cathedral?

85. The A20 links Folkestone with which Kent town?

86. Which Kent Council has a dinosaur on its coat of arms?

87. What kind of power station exists at Dungeness?

88. In the Kent dialect ‘addle-pated’ means giddiness in the head but where, and in what condition, on the body are ’hommucks’?

89. Where is Orlando Bloom’s supposed favourite restaurant in Canterbury?

90. What did Rochester lose in 1988?

91. What is the name of the Wildlife Park near Shatterling off the A 257?

92. Which artist spent his childhood at Margate?

93. Which castle was the setting for peace talks in both 1978 and 2004?

94. What form of transport might you find at Manston (historically) and at Lydd?

95. Which A road takes you from to Hythe to Rye?

96. Bricks are made at Sittingbourne but what are made at Northfleet and Cuxton?

97. Which author’s father worked at Chatham?

98. How many of the original seven oaks of Sevenoaks survived the storm of 1987?

99. In the Kent dialect ‘yaffle’ means to eat or drink greedily or noisily but what are you doing with food to ‘hobgrob’?

100. Can you name a place in Kent starting with the letter Y?

1) A white horse on a red background

2) An unmarried woman of moral laxity or temperamental character

3) It means unconquered and the people of the county felt they had chased William the Conqueror away

4) Ickham, Ide Hill, Iden Green, Ightham, Istead Rise, Ivychurch or Iwade

5) The hop

6) Maidstone

7) The 1990s (1991)

8) The Battle of Britain

9) As defensive forts for the Napoleonic War (1805-1808)

10) Shepherd Neame

11) Ann Widdecombe

12) The A 21

13) Bluewater

14) The Darent and the Dour

15) The Thames and Medway Canal

16) May 26th

17) Maidstone and Medway

18) Ebbsfleet International

19) Hythe

20) Edward

21) Howletts Wild Animal Park

22) The Isle of Thanet

23) Scraps left from a meal

24) Gillingham FC

25) Ashford

26) The Brands Hatch circuit near Swanley

27) Orlando Bloom

28) Folkestone

29) A zoo

30) Maidstone

31) BBC Radio Kent, Heart South and Gold

32) The Hoo Peninsula

33) Milton Creek Country Park

34) Crab and Winkle Way

35) Bedgebury National Pinetum

36) Emmetts Garden

37) Knole House

38) Hever Castle

39) Ulcombe, Underriver, Upchurch, Uplees, Upnor, Upper Bush, Upper Harbledown, Upper Hardres or Upstreet

40) Benenden School

41) The Royal Military Canal

42) Romney Marsh

43) Canterbury Cathedral

44) Dover

45) The Marlowe Theatre

46) Dartford and Dover

47) William Caxton

48) Chatham Historic Dockyard

49) A gadfly

50) The A2

51) Four (The M2, M20, M25 and M26)

52) More (17 MPs)

53) The High Weald and the North Downs

54) The Garden of England

55) Spitfire

56) Oasts

57) Ashford

58) Four (University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Greenwich (a London university) and University for the Creative Arts)

59) Doodlebugs

60) Bus number 007

61) The hazlenut

62) Aircraft

63) A restless, continually fidgeting child

64) Oare, Offham, Old Hawkinge, Old Romney, Ospringe, Otford, Otham and Otterden

65) Coal Mining

66) A’ Man or Maid of Kent’

67) A ‘Kentish Man or Maid’

68) Rosie Duffield

69) Dungeness

70) Sevenoaks and Swale

71) Flint

72) Less (28%)

73) A beggar or someone who searches through dustbins

74) Deal Castle

75) The World Custard Pie Throwing Championships

76) Dymchurch

77) Tonbridge and Malling

78) Thomas Becket

79) More (26 castles)

80) The Parrot Pub

81) The A 299

82) William Golding

83) Romney and Dymchurch

84) Rochester Cathedral

85) Dover

86) Maidstone

87) Nuclear

88) They are large clumsy feet

89) Café des Amis

90) Her city status

91) Wingham Wildlife Park

92) JWM Turner

93) Leeds Castle

94) Airplanes

95) The A 259

96) Cement

97) Charles Dickens

98) One oak

99) To eat in a greedy, messy way

100) Yalding or Yorkletts