With a crisp chill in the air and the leaves beginning to don their vibrant hues, October provides the perfect opportunity to venture out and explore Kent's picturesque landscapes by foot. Explore nearly 1,000 acres of captivating scenery, passing historic gates, wooded areas, and the sprawling Knole House, as you immerse yourself in the tranquillity and allure of Knole Park's ancient charm. It’s time to grab out those cosy layers, lace up your boots, and head outside on an autumn adventure in Sevenoaks…


● Starting at the front entrance to Knole House, turn right onto the grass and follow the wall along until you reach the end. Turn left at the corner, and continue along the next stretch of wall. On your left, you'll catch glimpses of the house and its formal gardens as you pass several historic gates.

● As you reach the end of this wall, continue straight on (veering slightly to your right), and soon you'll find a surfaced pathway ahead. Join this pathway, turn right, and then immediately left, as it gently slopes down. As you follow this stretch, you'll pass by a wooded area on your right and enjoy views of Knole Park's lush golf course on your left.

● At the end of this pathway, you'll come to a T-junction. Turn right and walk along the tree-lined path for approximately half a mile.

Great British Life: Discover the deer park at Knoll Credit @boyangeorgiev www.bobbyg.artDiscover the deer park at Knoll Credit @boyangeorgiev www.bobbyg.art

● At the end of this stretch, the landscape will open up, revealing rolling views ahead, and a similar pathway to your right. Turn right onto this path and follow it straight for a little over half a mile. This section is the best spot to catch a glimpse of some of Knole's 350-strong deer herd in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled for them among the autumn foliage to your right—you may even need to pause to let them cross the path in front of you.

● As you arrive at the end of this circuit, cross through Knole's golf course and admire the vast form of Knole House to your left, with its sprawling maze of 400 rooms inside. The site's Brewhouse Café is perfectly situated for a post-walk refuel - hot chocolate anyone?

Great British Life: Autumn colours at Knoll Image Credit Sarah SimpsonAutumn colours at Knoll Image Credit Sarah Simpson

Steps, stats & stiles:

This circular route spans 3 miles (4.82 km) and should take you about one hour to complete at a steady pace, allowing time for breaks to soak in the autumn scenery and capture photos of the resident deer herd. The route is mainly paved, with no stiles or obstructions, classing it an easy access trail. However, walkers should exercise caution during the first section on grass, which can be slippery.


If you're visiting Knole, please note that the on-site car park is reserved for National Trust members and paying visitors to the house. For those planning to explore the park only, consider using a public car park in Sevenoaks and enter through one of the pedestrian gates around the park's perimeter. The nearest car park can be found using the sat nav postcode TN13 1LW.

Perfectly-placed refuel spot:

The leaves are turning and autumn has arrived, which can only mean one thing… It's the start of cosy pub season! Where better to head than The Oak Tavern & Taphouse, located right in the heart of Sevenoaks? Serving great beer, fine wine, and fantastic food, this traditional pub celebrates all things local. With a traditional menu boasting all the classics, we highly recommend timing this walk for a Sunday, to get involved in The Oak’s delicious Sunday roast action…

To find out more about The Oak Tavern & Taphouse, or to browse their menu, visit: https://theoaksevenoaks.co.uk/

Make a day of it:

After a refreshing walk through Knole Park's enchanting autumnal landscapes, extending your day by exploring what lies within Knole House is a must. Immerse yourself in the rich history and grandeur of this magnificent 15th-century mansion, boasting a maze of 400 rooms and stunning architecture. Wander through opulent chambers filled with antique furniture, exquisite paintings, and intricate tapestries, transporting yourself back in time to a bygone era. Uncover the intriguing stories of past residents and the illustrious Sackville family while strolling through the grand halls and beautiful gardens. With its captivating blend of natural beauty and historical significance, a visit to Knole House is the perfect complement to your unforgettable day at Knole Park.

Learn more about Knole House, and start planning your visit at nationaltrust.org.uk/visit/kent/knole

Route followed:

For this month’s walk we followed the ‘Knole Easy Access Trail’ route produced by Explore Kent: explorekent.org/activities/knole/